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  1. Fine. It's burning to the ground and they're shooting people. But peacefully.
  2. Bengals ahead. time for Goddell to cancel the game and declare unpaid Bills the winner.
  3. Score earl and often, guys, cause the weather ain't gonna get no better, Joe is on FIRE in the snow!
  4. How were they so stupid as to let Ja'Marr get that open? 3 and out...
  5. Divisional Cincinnati Bengals Inactives 25 HB Chris Evans 33 CB Tre Flowers 65 G Alex Cappa 73 OT Jonah Williams 82 TE Nick Bowers 93 DE Jeff Gunter 97 DT Jay Tufele Bills Inactives 36 S Jared Mayden 43 LB Terrel Bernard 47 CB Christian Benford 54 LB Baylon Spector 65 OL Ike Boettger 89 TE Tommy Sweeney 92 DT Daquan Jones
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