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Soccer Thread

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Guest WhoDeyForever

[quote name='BlackJesus' post='269270' date='May 17 2006, 11:28 AM'][b]let's see ....

I am not really a fan of Soccer .... and will only watch World Cup Soccer

with that said I do like aspects of World cup soccer because of the magnitude of the stage .... and the fact that to some countries a victory in the event can be a beacon of pride (especially when a former brutalized colony defeats it's former colonial oppressor) - like when Senegal beat France a few years back.

I also enjoy the chest thumping and rivalry that can take place when certain nations go against each other .....

with that in mind my rule of thumb is to

- Root for 3rd world countires who are the true underdogs with very little funding or equipment (these would be like Stallone in Rocky IV training for the Russian Drago). [/b][/quote]

Like how it was with the WBC?? :D

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I found some pretty amazing videos.


Cristian Ronaldo vs Ronaldinho


Little guy off to the side ducks because he thinks he is going to get hit.


Roberto Carlos...Fucking amazing!

I no everyone remebers that wild goal be DeRosario in the MLS that sidewinded by everyones head.

And im getting ready to go into my 2nd year of varsity soccer...and im really looking to wow some people because it will be my 2nd year playing competitive soccer and i want to be my teams leader and score as many goals as possible and maybe make into some college...i want to no if anyone know's some stuff i should be working on. I need suggestions on how to better my left leg...i usually dribble around with it every night but i still can't get a very good shot on it.
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you on a club team? if so, what level?
what year are you?
how bigs your school? D1? any prominant soccer history?
any odp experience?

if youre quality you should be able to play d3 in college pretty easily. anything above that you need to be on atleast a premier/elite or super y club team. a to whatever they do wont cut it.

wed need more info to tell you what to do to continue playing, but in order to improve yourself... just keep a ball with you at all times and see if some of your friends would be interested in some type of quick paced small sided games to work on your footwork and decision making. on top of that, endurance will give you a huge advantage against some defenders.

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I'm not on a club yet just a high school team..im looking to get onto a spring team this spring after this season.
And this will be my sophmore year in high school...i earned a varsity letter last year but i played a lot of right wing opposed to striker where i was really brought up to be groomed to play.

I go to a D3 school...and it has usually always had a pretty rich soccer team until everyone started playing football. We should be decent this year.

I get out of school here in about 8 days or so...and i have a soccer field right down the road and i plan on going about every day just to work on my game after i lift. I figure to condition a lot to get me into shape to condition because we just got a new coach right out of the marines. I figure to take a couple guys down with me every day just to work on one on ones and shots. We will probably get into the triangle and do long passes and shit like that. I have been watching a lot of Cristian Ronaldo and have recently put the wrap around and then take into my game and it works pretty well. I'm just thinking of a couple more one on one moves i could work on and what i can do to get my left foot better to where i could use it if i needed too.
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Drill we used to do back in the day in England for high school was...

Assuming you need to improve your left foot.

Try and find a wall, maybe thirty to forty feet in length. Side of a building is probably the best. Starting at one side, hit a pass with your left foot against the wall and let it rebound back to you further down, you run down, control it with your left (one touch) and then pass it against the wall again (using left). Until you've gone down the length of the wall, at which point you go back up and start the exercise again. Or you can do the exercise up the wall with your right foot.

The whole thing it's trying to build is accuracy with your weaker foot and improving control. You're meant to do the drill slowly at first but then increasing speed through the exercise until it's almost like shuttle drills, except with a ball. Also, every time you repeat it, try and move closer or further from the wall, without sacrificing power in the pass / shot, this should increase your control

The exercise is monotonous at the beginning, and I hated it, but our coach made us do it all the time. but I found made a big difference for me. I was only left footed in school originally, but it came to the point that I could cross with my right effectively and even curl them on free kicks in due to this exercise.
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really the best thing for you to do is stick to the basics and do drills by yourself (similar to what chd has described), as well as some quick paced small sided games. just keep a ball with you at all times to get a touch, your shot will come with touch so thats not really somethign you need to practice too much.

i cannot stress this enough, if you want to play after of high school you HAVE to get on a good club team. especially if youre on a d3 team thats not going to be challenging for state everyyear.
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I appreciate this chd and nati.

I have 7 days of school left...but the first day of break im not resting im going right at it. I will be using this drill as much as possible too. Im thinking if i can wow a bunch of people and lead this team pretty far into the ohio playoffs....i could get a spring team thats pretty goood. My friend plays for me so he may be able to get me a tryout...but first im really going have to work on my one on one and my left foot. Maybe even trapping. But as the summmer wears on ill give you a update thanks again guys!
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ok CHD, ive got a couple confessions to make about your beloved hammers (or yammahs, since thats how it sounds to me ;) )

#1 -the name of the elite squad of the club i played on when i was in high school was called hammer fc, it took me a couple years after the fact to draw the conclusions. yes, im samrt!

#2 -i know the movie was pretty exaggerated, and the acting/casting wasnt all that, but i absolutely LOVED green street hooligans (i attribute this to the general lack of movies in the states centered around soccer and/or hooligans)

be easy

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twellmans too inneffective and reyna should be back before the cup. im dissappointed we lost but i doubt any of the team even cares. the game was to just get a competitive touch back on the pitch and to help arena gauge talent. on a side note, berhalter replaced gibbs due to some knee injury... weird.

hopefully they can pick it up tonight.
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[quote name='Nati Ice' post='272526' date='May 24 2006, 10:34 AM']ok CHD, ive got a couple confessions to make about your beloved hammers (or yammahs, since thats how it sounds to me ;) )

#1 -the name of the elite squad of the club i played on when i was in high school was called hammer fc, it took me a couple years after the fact to draw the conclusions. yes, im samrt!

#2 -i know the movie was pretty exaggerated, and the acting/casting wasnt all that, but i absolutely LOVED green street hooligans (i attribute this to the general lack of movies in the states centered around soccer and/or hooligans)
be easy[/quote]

Oh shit man, you asked for it...be prepared for a lengthy diatribe which will make one of Lawman's specials look like a Garfield strip in comparison.

1. Cool man. West Ham get a lot of support, as they are an old team, but a smaller one. But they've always been a bit different from other English teams as they've always stressed passing, "good looking" football, unlike the punt up the field and chase which was English football for so long. Ron Greenwood, a former West Ham manager once made the statement that he would prefer to lose a match 8-5 then draw a game 0-0 after playing a team who had been particularly boring, so they go from there.

However supporting West Ham has been like supporting the Bengals. More downs than ups in the last little while. West Ham are run (like the Bengals) by a cheap ass named Brown..except in this case, it is Sir Terence Brown. A man who is a notorious tight wad.

One of the things West Ham have always done well, is to have a great youth system...the team is known as the "Academty of football"...West Ham formed the backbone of england's 1966 World Cup winning team etc. Anyhoo...7 years ago...West Ham's youth team conquered all, and these players came into the senior team. Rather than keep them and build a succesful team for the future, Terence Brown decided to sell them for large sums of cash to build new stands in the stadium and take the team out of debt. this caused an uproar and other guys asked to leave...net result, West ham were relegated, and then the team got into real deep shit as they were deprived of the Premier league tv revenues. But if you want some grim reading...here are the players we sold or who left us upon relegation:

Rio Ferdinand (the Man Utd and England Defender)
Glen Johnson (Chelsea and england alternate)
Frank Lampard (Chelsea and England's best player now arguably)
Joe Cole (Chelsea, England Midfielder)
David James (Former England goalie)
Michael Carrick (Tottenham and England midfielder)
Jermain Defoe (Tottenham and England striker)
Trevor Sinclair (former England midfielder)

that's the ultimate fuck you....to have 8 members of your team go on to find success with other clubs...and represent England...for the longest time, I couldn't watch football when England played because it was too painful....to see your former team become the best players in the country while the team itself flirted with financial disaster in a lower league.

It would be like if the Bengals played the Patriots with a play off game on the line and Corey Dillon running for the single game record on us, scoring 8 touchdowns and killing us multiplied by 100.

The first season in the lower championship league saw West Ham qualify for the play offs to get back into the Premiership...and then lose to an opponent we dominated in the play off final. Another season in the Championship...I thought the team was cursed.

Luckily, the team had hired a new coach that season...Alan Pardew...who didn't have much credentials at the highest level...but was seen as a good judge of talent and an effective communicator....sort of like Marvin when he was with the stealers...

So, finally last season, after clearing some dregs out and getting his guys in there, Pardew got us back to the Premier League....where this season, we were expected to fight relegation, but instead, finished 9th and made the FA cup Final qualifying for European competition! Not only that, but there is the basis for a great young team again. The fear amongst West Ham fans, is of course that Brown doesn't make the same gaffe as last time and try to sell them for money. He says, he learnt from the mistakes of the past, but only time will tell.

2. The movie was exxagerated like you mention and didn't find a lot of favour with West Ham fans...but historically it's basis is legit. In the 1970's and 1980's when hooliganism was at it's prime, West Ham had one of the fiercest groups of supporters around. Called "The firm" they weren't really fans per say, more just guys who travelled with the team to fight rival supports. Other groups who were particularly tough were Chelsea's "Stamford Bridge Posse"

Not sure if you have bittorent or file sharing, but look for a documentary called "Hooligan" It's a 1984 ITV documentary on soccer fans, and focuses on a group of West Ham thugs.

But that has petered out...for one thing...the Football Association and Police have really cracked down on that now...so there is no violence at games. Also, over the years, the area of West Ham's stadium has become primarily an area for South Asian immigrants and such...so people tend to come in for the games and then take the train out.

The hatred for Millwall is also true and goes back to the beginning of the 20th century I think ... and if I may say so, their fans are way worse. Racists as well. But those bastards got relegated to the 2nd division, so fuck them.

But you can see some of the feelings that exist to this day in these threads:


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[quote name='Chris Henrys Dealer' post='279394' date='Jun 8 2006, 01:01 PM']Learn the Robinho step over!

I can't get to the link [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/20.gif[/img] [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/20.gif[/img]

But in other words...it starts tommarow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any predictions?

I think Germany will win and Poland will come out victorious tommarow. Well Germany for sure...i don't no much about any other teams.
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