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Anyone ever had to fight for unemployment benefits/pay?

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Those actually sound like some pretty good options. Shit, had I known you had that much payroll experience, particularly in PeopleSoft, I would have told you to focus on that in the first place... :lol: 


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I hardly ever get over to these other forums.  Losing a job for whatever the reason can be stressful enough

let alone having a wife, couple of kiddos and a mortgage.  Especially if they screwed you in the first place.  

Hope it all works out for ya man!  

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So unemployment ended, had to tap into some deeper savings/stocks to pay bills, .. was doing side work for friends company.. they happened to open an entry level packaging job like $12/hr deal, i figured with the side money for web work and that i could get by longer... applied, went through interviews, was obviously best candidate but also obviously over quanified to fill web orders and thing.. but i was willing.. they gave it to some young kid.. better fit for a job title that includes cleaning the bathooms as needed. No big deal..

kept talking web stuff, the two owners dont want to deal with website stuff, so after a few weeks of talking, one mentions they MAY have something for me.. they talk more..meanwhile i decide im in desprate mode, and apply for my old technician job i did 3+ years ago back, Sprint sold off the technicians to asurion, so new company same crap, less corporate crap, so whatever.. as i hit submit my friend calls me. and says they have a job for me...  actually he fucked with me and said "hey man i talked to (other owner) and unnfortunetly(my heart sank, i was soo depressed for a few seconds) we have to offer you a job" 


so i got a job, salary, M-F, 8-5, with friends, at a good company, benefits, etc.

I will be relaunching the website, creating a wholesale portal for the wholesale accounts to place orders directly online, integrating the retail store POS and inventory into the same system as website and wholesale site, and theyll be opening a second retail store as well. Once launched we will also be selling other companies products alongside our own. so everything sold at the two retail stores will be sold online.

Huge project for a multimillion dollar company, im excited, get to do what i enjoy, to do what i have always tried to do on my own but without all the parts i dont want to do.

i started last week, so today was my 8th day.. 

drive is a litttttle bit far, but nothing crazy, 35-55 minutes depending on traffic. i avoid downtown but go from southeast to west side of town, so cross traffic can be brutal, but they are doubling the hgihway currently that i take so in a year it will be 20 minutes faster.



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