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A few years ago, I scored a sweet "Boomer Eshoeason" jersey on eBay.  The thread is locked, but you can visit it and enjoy its historical goodness:


Well, just last week I was able to score a nearly identical jersey.  A Rawlings XL from the same era for $11.  Only this one has no name on the back:



I have three 7-Black jerseys from this era now and need to decide what name to put on this one.  


I have one made by Williams that I wore to Super Bowl XXIII - that one has no name on it and will remain exactly as it was.

I have the Eshoeason one.  And I have this one.


The only other player to wear the number 7 from the era where the team wore this specific design was David Klingler.   The later QBs (Bruce  Gradkowski, Jake Dolegala and Kevin Hogan) were all after the redesign and are in the Palmer/Dalton style.



So... Klingler?   Lol.

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Pics 2 and 4 come from the same game: the last time the Bengals wore the “original originals” in a post “original originals” game. 

What was the year, opponent, who won, score, and venue? 

(I was at this one, so already know the answer)


Did You Know: Even this ensemble was not the “original original”. This was a copy of the post-1970 uniform. The arm striping was narrower than the real “original original”, and the pant trim was different too. Subtly, but different. 


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I remember when Boomer Esiason was drafted, and everyone on this board said he was just a Boomer Eshoeason wannabe. Although Esiason had a few good years, he never really measured up to Eshoeason, who will always rank as the best to wear #7 for the franchise.


Speaking of Bengals quarterbacks of yesteryear, let's not forget Don Criqui's all-time favorite Bengal, Boomer Eziazon. Old-timers will hopefully get it.

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