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Windows 10 or 11?


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Thanks, hardware is fine, 2 year old Surface Book. I'm certainly not an "expert" user, but "resist" change (Hey I'm old). Too much disinformation on the good ole interweb, Oh it's great, Don't do it, it will ruin your computer, kind of like some football topics here 😁


I appreciate your insight! I'm going to go ahead and upgrade, while it's still free.

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topical, i like it, had to make a call on 10 vs 11 for my kids new gaming pc we had built at microcenter. they suggested w11 due to the processor we chose. the i7 12700 alder lake i think is what we ended up with..


my life is a blur so i cant remember.. but we went with 11, we pick up the pc tomorrow.

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