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Yeah, sometimes they'll let you rehab a dislocated kneecap the first time it happens.  I think they almost always recommend surgery for it after the 2nd time.  He dislocated it twice last season, so it was pretty much a certainty.

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15 minutes ago, membengal said:

He had surgery on the kneecap issue that caused him to miss the AFC title game.  He is on course to be cleared and ready by camp. And will be here in June for mandatories. Doesn't sound like a guy looking to fuck over his teammates or the organization. 


Nah I don't think it's anything malicious but that doesn't change the fact he's been injured almost every year.  I'd be happy with him as a backup once he gets a reality check. 


Counting on him to start at RT just seems that much more foolish, though.

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21 hours ago, T-Dub said:


There's some stuff in there that makes me wonder how they're comfortable going into TC with Carman and Ford as the only healthy RT candidates.  I guess I didn't realize Jonah is also still rehabbing a knee injury? Of course no one was offering much in trade, he must be joking.


If the only other competition in camp is Cody Ford I have to say I like Carman's chances.  Also, yikes.




Hey, don't forget about D'Ante Smith and Hakeem Adeniji in our half dozen+  candidates at RT. 

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