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  1. It seems like you'd be more of a fan of this type of player: STRENGTHS Carries a load in his punch and plays with vinegar. Can seal and turn defenders in the run game to create small creases. Plays with a mean streak and likes to finish blocks. Is aggressive working up to the second level and efficient cutting linebackers. Rugged competitor. Stout anchor in pass protection. Versatile and has seen action at center and guard. WEAKNESSES Stiff-bodied. Plays short-armed and overextends. Average agility. Is late to switch off blocks. Relies too much on his upper-body strength. Mechanics deteriorate the farther he is asked to travel. Slow to adjust to counter moves. DRAFT PROJECTION Rounds 3-4 BOTTOM LINE A top-heavy, barrel-chested, thick-bodied, short-area blocker, Bodine plays with a gritty football demeanor. Swing-interior versatility adds to his value.
  2. Interesting that PFF graded him so highly as a pass rusher. But then you see on other scouting reports that he's a 2-down run stuffer.
  3. Kind of an interesting testing vs. eye-test on this one. His 3-cone time was the fastest of all the DL at the combine. That's one that people pay a lot of attention to for pass rushers because it's supposed to be the best measure of how much "bend" a guy has. Anything under 7.00 seconds is elite and only 5 DL got below that this year. It's the only part of the combine Derek Barnett aced (with a 6.96), which people pointed to regarding his bend. Willis had a 6.85.
  4. I think we'll see OL and LB as the main focuses in the 4th and 5th round. Would bet we'll see two of each drafted today. Those two positions have the most obvious holes in terms of relatively open spots on the 53-man roster.
  5. Something like a mid-2nd this year and a 2nd next year would be good value for McCarron. I'd probably even take a 2 and 3rd or 4th. Mid-2nd alone, I'd probably just hold onto AJ. He does have real value as the backup and we'll likely get a 3rd for him down the line if he plays out his contract.
  6. Yeah, we have pretty good leadership on the DL and Burney seems like he doesn't take any shit. And Michigan St. turned into a dumpster fire this year. They had a bunch of guys getting in trouble off the field and that whole program seemed to crumble. McDowell probably played some role in that collapse from top 5 team to 3-9. But there was a lot of negative stuff going on there with the other star players getting in trouble off the field, the defensive captain sending a racist text and getting kicked off the team, etc.
  7. Injuries are a concern with Ross. Could say the same exact thing about Jon Allen, Malik Hooker, Marcus Lattimore, Reuben Foster, etc. Most of these top guys have been banged up. And the ones who haven't been injured aren't immune from future injuries either.
  8. None of the top OL, RB and DEs would upset me. DB would suck even though there's some good ones available We've just invested so much money and so many picks at the position that another premium pick on DB would piss me off.
  9. I'd be a little surprised if they go RB. They need DBs bad.
  10. If McDowell is there, he is going to be the toughest decision for the Bengals. By all accounts, he's a top-5 type of player as a pure talent. He could be a Carlos Dunlap type guy. But he also sounds like a horrible teammate. Here's an article on him. What does everyone think?
  11. One thing that stands out to me after hearing James Urban (Bengals WR coach) talk about Ross at the press conference and then watching some of his videos again is how dangerous he is on short passes, especially 3rd down. Urban said what makes him special is not just how fast he can run, but how fast he can stop and change direction. CBs get back on their heels because they know he can run by them and then he hits the brakes on those comeback routes and he creates a ton of separation for easy completions. You watch that USC video posted above and the multiple easy conversions on 3rd and 4 against Adoree Jackson are just as impressive as the play where he breaks his ankles and beats him deep.
  12. Projecting all the way out to the 3rd round is tough because you don't really have any idea who might fall and who might be drafted earlier than expected. But I'd look at the same 3 positions (OL, RB, DE) and add LB into the mix as well. Some possible names: OL Taylor Moton Pat Elflein Dan Feeney Ethan Pocic RB Kareem Hunt Samaje Perine D'Onta Foreman DE Terrell Basham Tanoh Kpassagnon Daeshon Hall LB Raekwon McMIllan Tyus Bowser Ryan Anderson
  13. Here's my top 10 options for #41: Cam Robinson Forrest Lamp Joe Mixon Dalvin Cook Malik McDowell Carl Lawson Derek Rivers Jordan Willis Alvin Kamara ZachCunningham I think after going offense in round 1, that one of the four pass rushers (McDowell, Lawson, Rivers or Willis) probably makes the most sense. Then again, I could easily see Lamp or Robinson as need meeting BPA for the OL. There was a reported "Big 4" on the OL coming into the draft and these are the last two left from that group. And Mixon, Cook and Kamara are each super explosive RBs who could add even more juice to the offense. Again, there was considered to be a top 5 at RB that had separated from the pack and these 3 still remain from that group.
  14. He was definitely a consensus 1st round pick before the combine. Here are some examples: Tony Pauline: Mock Draft from Matt Miller in December with Ross going #14 overall and #2 receiver: This article from December mentions him as a first-rounder: There's a bunch more. He was talked about as a 1st rounder all season. He scored 18 freaking TDs last season for a team that made the College Football Playoff. This talk like he emerged out of nowhere at the "underwear Olympics" has always been crazy.
  15. I don't want to come off as super anti-Barnett. As the topic suggests, I get the argument in favor of him even if he's not my favorite pick. But I agree with what Lapham said about him yesterday. He's 6'2 and runs a 4.9. Is there anything so special about him that you feel good taking him in the top 10? And like Lapham said, so many of these college OTs are just awful that you can't just say DE production is automatically going to translate to the next level. People will say, well it was SEC. But the SEC East is garbage. Unless I'm completely blanking on somebody, there's not any SEC East OTs who are projected to go in the top 3 rounds or who are likely to be NFL starters. And we've seen guys in recent years with similar SEC production who didn't translate to the NFL. Barnett had 32 sacks in 39 starts over the past 3 years. Jarvis Jones had 28 sacks in 26 game in his 2 seasons. Draft analysts were falling all over themselves to praise the Stealers for taking him at #14 and not worrying about the workout numbers because of the stats and the tape.