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  1. I like the idea of another OL. Guys like Austin Corbett, Connor Williams and Tyrell Crosby are especially interesting because they have experience at OT and could take first shot at RT. If they don't work out there (or Jake Fisher has a good camp), they all project really well to guard. My favorite pure OT is Noteboom from TCU. I wouldn't be surprised if he is our pick at 46. He's going to go soon here as I think he's the best pure tackle left. Maurice Hurst, Harold Landry, Sam Hubbard, Harrison Phillips and Lorenzo Carter (LB/DE tweener) all there at D Line. If not OL, I'm hoping for a DL pick and would love any of these guys.
  2. Their biggest need is probably Guard. Guys like Price, Ragnow and Elflein all played guard in college and project equally well there. Really any interior OL makes sense for them due to Elflein's ability to play C or G.
  3. I think mid-2nd is about right for Hubbard. Not sure he's my first choice for our 2nd rounder, but think it would be a solid choice. Extremely high character and plays hard. Very low risk of busting but I could see him just being a 6-7 sack per year guy.
  4. Lapham seemed a little down on Daniels compared to Ragnow/Price, who he said were close. At one point mentioned liking Daniels at 46 if they can get McGlinchey but didn't really bring him up at 21.
  5. I get what you're saying and it's why I would be perfectly fine with Price (or one of the other Centers) at #21. I was just explaining why I think there are a lot of Bengals fans who act really pissed/depressed about talk of Price in the 1st round. To use your hypothetical, I think a lot of Bengals fans are the guy who walks into the bar expecting to land at least an 8 and is just disappointed that there are only 6s left. Sure there is value in picking which 6 you want (and it's obviously an over-simplification to say they are exactly the same grade), but in a general sense, this is what I think is happening. People are coming to grips with the realization that the trade from 12 to 21 probably took us out of the range where there's a solid chance of landing a star and more into the range where you're just happy to land an above average starter.
  6. Also a Buckeye fan and agree with your assessment of Price. Most of the negativity with Price is only when talking about him at #21 (haven't seen many who would be against him at #46). There doesn't seem to be much of a gap at all between the top-3 centers (Price, Daniels and Ragnow) and many assume that Ragnow will be available at #46, so they want to address another position in the 1st and wait on Center until #46. In theory, waiting until 46 for a Center sounds great because any of the 3 Centers would be really nice value at that point and it allows you to fill another huge need at 21 (like RT with McGlinchey if he's there). It's just a major roll of the dice because if there's a run on Centers late-1st/early-2nd and the Bengals completely miss out, then we're stuck with TJ Johnson or a mid-round rookie as the Week 1 starter. A similar/related explanation is based on something that I've seen a couple draft experts say, which is that after the top 15 overall, there's a drop off to the next tier and there's not really any difference between the guy who is going to go 20 and the guy who is going to go 50. If you assume Price is in that big 30-man tier of similar players ranked between 20 and 50 that are all fringe 1st/2nd round values, then it makes sense it would feel a little frustrating to have to use 21 on a player similar to guys who will go 2nd round.
  7. From another Lap appearance he seemed to set the board of realistic options at #21 in this order: 1. Mike McGlinchey 2. Kolton Miller 3. Bill Price 4. James Daniels Said all else being equal (a really highly-ranked defender doesn't fall), he thinks it will be OL.
  8. I voted for just Rosen, Chubb and Nelson. The others, I wouldn't value 3 cheap seasons over 4 cheap seasons from the healthy guys who should be there at 21.
  9. happyrid

    Late round pick?

    Interesting player. The problem is that if he really is a 2-3 year project, it's tough to keep a developmental guy on the 53-man roster for that long. And if you try to put him on the practice squad someone else could swoop in and steal him whenever.
  10. happyrid

    2018 Free Agency thread

    No, I haven't seen any reports of other teams interested in him or even any reports about the Bengals wanting him back. Just making a guess. The Bengals always love to be as deep as possible at CB. And with his off field stuff, I doubt there's going to be a huge market for him outside of Cincy. If he's still sitting out there looking for a job in July and willing to take a little more than the vet minimum, it probably makes sense for both him and the team. I wouldn't expect the Bengals would get in any kind of bidding war for him if a market does develop though. They have a lot of cap space tied up on Dre and Dennard this year and I do buy that they're relatively tight up against the cap once they sign picks and get extensions done with Dunlap and Atkins.
  11. happyrid

    2018 Free Agency thread

    I think he'll be back for $1.5 or $2M on a one year deal. I'm ok with it if it happens. He's an above average return man and decent option as a #4 CB. And our top 3 CBs have all had injury issues in the past.
  12. happyrid

    2018 Free Agency thread

    Yeah, I don't buy that logic. Pacman's money has already been put towards other players, like Preston Brown and Cordy Glenn. MJ is probably going to get cut after the draft, which will open up a little more space but they're trying to get extensions done with Geno and Dunlap, so that $5M will go quickly.
  13. happyrid

    2018 Free Agent Tracker

    Eric Reid and Cam Fleming are interesting. Both would make sense if the price is right.
  14. happyrid

    Bengals Dot Com Draft Composit

    I get it. But if the recovery timeline is pretty safe and it's basically guaranteed he'll be ready by August, I'm fine with it. Price isn't like Ross or Ogbuehi who had multiple injury issues in college. He started 55 straight games. Edit to add: He had the surgery on March 6th and it's supposed to be a 4-month recovery. That would have him healthy July 6th. So there's a 3-week cushion before the start of training camp.

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