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HULU + Live or YouTube TV + Live?

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Jamie, seeing games in Columbus depends on the local stations preferences. It's got better in the Burrow years, but you could count on the CBS affiliate here showing Clowns and Squealers over the Bengals most of the time? Being a season ticket holder, I'm at most of the home games, so it doesn't affect me that much anyway. 


I kind of had my decision made for me this morning though. Apparently since I "opened" a trial membership with YTTV over a year ago and didn't go with them at the time (I'm old and wasn't yet comfortable with cutting cable) they don't consider me a "new" user and won't give me the first 3 month reduced rate they are offering "new" users? It's $20 off for the first three months which would make it $52.99 for that time period and then crank up to $72.99. 


Think I'm going to try HULU which is $76.99 and they have a couple more channels that I watch that YT currently doesn't offer. Really have nothing to lose since I can cancel anytime, or at least that's what it says on their website? Either of you had any experience with that?

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