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  1. a few thought he’d might sneak into Day 1. Congrats Spicoli! Had a feeling you might pull this one out.
  2. Donations have flooded in today to Burrow’s Food Bank he’s partnered with in SE Ohio. If you are so inclined: https://appalachianohio.org/grow/fun...les/joeburrow/ Or, a charity of your choice. Hopefully something positive can come out of today. Happy Thanksgiving!
  3. Im sorry for your loss Jamie.
  4.     yea he was trying something new and it worked fabulously.  He usually live tweets vines, but this time still live tweeted but put all of the video together.    He also upgraded from his phone camera to a high resolution real camera.
  5. Kudos to Brennan for buying a new camera Monday night just for these highlight packages.
  6.     I am, but in general though I'm not a big basketball fan.  I'll loosely follow OSU and UC, but that's about it.
  7.     finally finished these off this weekend.   In total, after the Fandango fees, for $89.91 I got $172.25 worth of movie tickets.  In total, 25 tickets at an average price of $3.60 per ticket.
  8. Larosa's is offering $3 off online orders for a limited time (doesn't specify expiration date)     Use code:   HCIHFI7VET
  9. that deal was so insane I ended up going back for 2 more.     So for $90 I got $180 in movie tickets that NEVER expire.     I also got 3 free movie tickets that, depending on whether you go to a matinee or evening movie, are worth $5-$12 each.  Those are good until March 31st.   So about $200 worth of movie tickets for $90.  Then anywhere from I figured about $20-$30 in Fandango fees depending on how many tickets it covers ($1.25 charge per ticket).  Looking at AT LEAST an $80 savings overall.     $200 sounds like a lot, but heck I'll
  10.     holy smokes.  I just got $70 worth of Fandango (movie) gift certificates at Sams for under $30. :o  I know they do a surcharge, but the savings well offset that.
  11. I highly recommend getting a Sam's Club membership if you have the means.  We've had ours for a little over 2 months, and we've already saved $154 on things we buy elsewhere on a weekly basis.  Well worth the $45 year long membership (plus they gave us a $20 gift card and $17 in food at signup).       And btw, those are based on Walmart prices, so if you're shopping at meijer or kroger (which typically costs $1 more than Walmart for the same items), then you'd be saving even more.
  12.     yes but we all know you don't like your step son or his team. :ninja:
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