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  1. yea Season 2 is already filming. Episode 3 was the best yet. Agree about the pacing/length. Well, not so much the pacing, but I'm disappointed that we're getting 30 minutes episodes rather than 45-50.
  2. anyone watching The Mandalorian?
  3. I’d be ok with that, or at least use it less.
  4. I'm hoping DJ is back in this film and they're keeping it underwraps. His character was intriguing in a Han Solo sort of way in Last Jedi, except that he leaned bad instead of good.
  5. I disagree (shocker lol) I think taking someone who's had ultimate power for so long and leaving her a shriveling, helpless, crying mess in the basement of her own castle with no hope is the ultimate justice. Sure, seeing her burned by Drogon would have been cool too, but I think the way it went down was very poetic.
  6. I know you wrote this before the finale, but it's basically been said that the series ends the same way the books will, with the books of course going into more detail.
  7. He should say "it didn't completely suck" lol I liked Aquaman, but it was a bit of a mess. You felt like you were watching the origin story, and the sequel, at the same time, and neither one gets a fully complete story. Most of the Black Manta stuff (outside of the opening scene) should have been saved for the sequel.
  8. Just finished watching it and I wouldn't say that at all. The act of suicide wasn't painted in a positive light at all and many of the characters end up worse off. One tries to kill him self, one is now homeless and one is going to jail. One learned nothing leading to the one trying to kill him self. The only ones who have any transformation are 1-2 who were halfway decent kids to begin with. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. The last two Mission Impossible's are must watches as well.
  10. I think I'd go 1. DareDevil Season 2 2. DareDevil Season 1 3. Luke Cage 4. Jessica Jones 5. Iron Fist The bottom 2 have glaring things I think they could have toned up to really make them solid. Jessica Jones IMO was also more me in that I didn't love the 80's private eye voice over style that they went for. Defenders looks like it should be a lot of fun, and here pretty soon.
  11. Bengals1181


  12. Same with Sleepy Hollow. They took a fun idea and took it too far. Last episode I saw was with the angel Gabriel. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Big fan Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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