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  1. I hear ya. It was smoother for me the first time than it was in subsequent viewings.
  2. Cuz they’d win easily otherwise.
  3. Agree with 1, 7, and 9. Disagree wholeheartedly on 8. 2 I think they did the best they could and even made fun of themselves one one scene I think.
  4. Another random thought, don't sit in the third row. I hate sitting that close. It negatively impacts your experience, especially with action movies.
  5. Having slept on it, I’ll repeat, go in knowing as little as possible if you can. What kept it from being an “A+” movie for me was the fact that some of the big moments were spoiled for me before seeing it. So I didn’t get to enjoy the surprise. Don’t let that happen to you.
  6. Just got back from my showing, wanted to share my thoughts while they were still fresh. As critics have stated, the movie tries to do a lot, and for the most part that's true though not as much as I was expecting. It's also about ten minutes shorter than I expected too, unless I just misjudged how many trailers there were. As a Star Wars fan, I must say I really enjoyed it. In my theater, it got a round of applause. From what I've seen online, most "Star Wars fans" have really enjoyed it. There have been some detractors as well. Having seen the movie now, I have a feeling I know which things they didn't like. There's some things I didn't like either, even though I really enjoyed it. The fact that I didn't like a few plot choices doesn't make them, or the movie bad, it just means I wouldn't have made those choices if I was in the directors shoes. The fact that they exist doesn't make the movie bad. It's tough to really describe without spoilers. Yes, a few things lack depth, which I'm sure critics have railed on, but they are plausible even without depth. And it's not like Star Wars has ever been known for in-depth writing. It also should be pointed out that Abrams had a near impossible task with Episode IX. He had to: Make a good movie in it’s own right Bring a satisfying end to a 9 movie saga Win back a fandom that is as divided as ever Motivate fans new and old to come out for this after the last two movies weren’t beloved by all Bring a satisfying conclusion to Leia’s arc without the ability to film any new footage with her That’s an incredible amount to ask for any filmmaker, and IMO Abrams mostly succeeds. He also ties in subtle things from the animated Star Wars Rebels and video game "Jedi Fallen Order". That's the first time a movie has done that to my knowledge. As far who will like this movie, I've seen it said that If you like Force Awakens and dislike Last Jedi, you'll enjoy this movie. If you preferred Last Jedi to Force Awakens, maybe you won't like this as much. As someone who loved both, I really enjoyed Rise of Skywalker. Furthermore, it should be pointed out that it's not like any Star Wars movie has been perfect. Even the originals have some truly cringeworthy dialogue. As does the prequels. So yes, I think this movie fits in with all the rest. Not perfect, but it follows the tradition and heart of the others. if there was one thing I'd say this movie was lacking, it was more "holy crap" moments. And to be fair, it does have moments like that in which I had unfortunately been spoiled to before the movie started. So others may have a different take on that. Overall, I think longtime Star Wars fans will enjoy it. Fans of the new trilogy certainly should. As far as a grade goes, I'd give it a solid B+. It has its issues, but does enough justice to everything it needed to serve. In the trilogy, gut reaction I'd go The Last Jedi Rise of Skywalker The Force Awakens
  7. Oh yea forgot 6. 6 and 7 have been the best episodes so far
  8. yea 5 was just so so. 3, 4 and 7 have been awesome. I had a feeling 7 would be. That's the norm these days, things kick into gear the last 2 episodes of genre specific shows.
  9. yea Season 2 is already filming. Episode 3 was the best yet. Agree about the pacing/length. Well, not so much the pacing, but I'm disappointed that we're getting 30 minutes episodes rather than 45-50.
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