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  1. Well we're not discussing a competent franchise, we're discussing our beloved Bengals. They thought enough of Smith to draft him #6 overall 10 years ago despite him completely bombing the pre-draft process, so obviously they are big time Smith fans.
  2. I agree that AJ might be gone after this season, especially with the way elite WR's are getting paid these days...see Michael Thomas. Does MB want to pay a 30 year old WR with an extensive injury history atleast 18+ million a year? I seriously doubt it, but there are multiple teams that would gladly do just that. The Bengals failing to lock up Green before the Thomas deal and injury is going to haunt them, I think it increases the chances that he goes into free agency instead of re-signing with the Bengals.
  3. 12+ weeks is what the Bengals fans should expect from a guy who is a free agent at the end of the season.
  4. Does anyone, besides me, find it odd that AJ got a second opinion and then immediately had surgery, without the coaching staff seemingly aware of the surgery. Rapaport reported the surgery, not a local beat writer so it seems like no one affiliated with the team knew in advance of the surgery. The Bengals medical staff doesn't have the best track record with diagnosing and treating injuries, besides they are employees of the Bengals who ultimately have the Bengals best interest at heart.
  5. He should definitely push Hart, hopefully the competition will raise the level of play of both guys.
  6. Good depth signing, I would hope they add another OT to ensure real NFL level of competition.
  7. The defense started off the season so bad that even though they were average for the last few weeks of the season it didn't help their overall rankings. Losing the time of possession and not having any coverage LB's killed them as well, they couldn't get off the field on 3rd downs last year. If they can win the T.O.P, get a more consistent pass rusher and find a couple of LB's that can cover the defense should be fine...however we have no idea what the defensive coordinator will do from a schematic perspective.
  8. The glaring lack of depth and talent at OT is going to be the downfall of this team, they better pray the FO does magic and upgrades that position(provide quality depth/insurance for if/when Glenn gets hurt). The Bengals are one injury, to an injury prone player, from being completely screwed. An OT duo of Justin Evans and Bobby Hart doesn't exactly inspire confidence.
  9. I think they would rather go into the season with Finley as the backup than risk him getting picked up by another team if they try and put him on the PS. If the Bengals were serious about winning they would have a half way competent backup QB, going into the season with Jeff Driskel has the most experienced QB besides Dalton is laughable.
  10. I'm saying that even if Finley looks like hot garbage, the new coaching staff traded up to get him so there is a zero percent chance of him getting cut this preseason.
  11. Not over Finley, maybe Driskell...Finley is the golden boy who will be given every opportunity to succeed while this guy is just trying to put some good film together. If a team trades up to draft you they aren't going to cut you after the your first preseason, regardless of how shitty you are. If anything this is a reflection on Tobin's talent evaluation process, his recent track record is shotty at best, a lot of bust and injury prone players.
  12. Speaking of strawman arguments.... The Pat's also scored 41 and 37 points in the other playoff games, while Brady threw for over 340 yards on both games. Is he due to regress because of age, absolutely. But to say he's not apart of some bs superstar club because of his age is just ridiculous. Last year Brady threw for over 4,300 yards and had a passer rating over 97. He's still in a great offense and has plenty of weapons around him, just like the author predicted Andrew Luck was going have a down year in 2018, newsflash he didn't, so will Brady. As for AJ, if he has a healthy Dalton he will put up big numbers. He's the most complete WR in the NFL and does more with less, future HOFer. I will bet money that he outperforms JuJu this year. JuJu is going from being protected by having AB on the other side of the field drawing a constant double team to having Donte Moncrief and Eli Rogers on the field with him, btw Boyd had more yards than both of those guys combined last year, so obviously he will face more attention and have considerably less talent around him than last season.
  13. If Hue wants to get back into coaching he should either be a QB coach or a HC at a small D1 college and grind his way to the top. He should have never taken the Cleveland job, besides Bellichick it's been a death sentence for every other HC that has taken the job.
  14. I guess the tomatoes make it healthy... How anyone can think this looks appealing is beyond me.
  15. Check out Finley Market, great food options..especially Eli's BBQ...Best in the city. If you are downtown you've got to get the maple bacon donut from Holtman's. The art museum is by Eden park is nice and it's close to Krohn's Conservatory which is also a cool place to go in the summer...figuratively and literally...
  16. It's ok, but it can't stay healthy....always frizzing up and hard to keep untangled in the last few years.
  17. Who will cover Tyler Eifert's mullet?
  18. Breaking news we have footage of Pacman responding to a unsatisfied customer... Pacman: Da fuck you mean my pizza is too greasy muthfucka...
  19. Baker is soo fucking cool and edgy...he's like the Fonz but shorter... I wonder if it was the time Baker ran from the cops and got pile driven into the concrete, because it's definitely mine.
  20. I'm sure the players are ok with it, especially Henry...too soon. I'm sure Mr. & Mrs. Pacman would appreciate the feedback, you should go to the restaurant and tell them, I'm sure they would value your opinions...also please live stream if you do decide to accept this mission.
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