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  1. Excuse me, please Not to be rude. It wasn't me It was my food. Here I sit broken hearted Came to poop and only farted. Hmmmm... Tennessee Titans DBacks coach and West Side Football God left the team to return to coaching at The OSU. Cincinnati's DBacks coach left for (who cares) leaving us with an opening. We can't interview or poach a coach while his team is still in the playoffs but nothing to prevent us from pursuing a college coach. Getting Kerry Combs here would be a good move. Strong ties and following in the community and he has lots of experience recruiting players from his years at Colerain. oops... Sorry for the interruption. Where were we? Oh, yeah. Bashing Zac. Can Mike Brown be far behind. Carry on
  2. Smart guy, I also hope he was smart enough to invest wisely. Carolina just took a hella hit that will affect their draft strategy significantly. One more linebacker taken in the first round of the draft, one fewer candidate to slide to the first pick in round two. God Bless and good luck to a guy I had wanted to see in orange and black since he was drafted.
  3. The list isn't mine. Its from the article and all your questions are answered, including the CAP money. A.J. has said if he does not have a contract and is franchised he will not come to the voluntary mini camp and probably hold out preseason. I want him under contract and here for a few years for veteran stability for the new quarterback and not a temp who will be gone in a year or we go through the same dog and pony show again. Brandon Scherff has been mentioned a few times as a FA. Losing Glenn frees up a boatload of $$ that could be used on him with a few bucks in change left over. I think any LB there in the second round will be almost a reach because the field is so thin. Best slider OL or WR. Should be one there. LSU C Cushenberry is a Junior but if he would come out I would like to see him a Bengal with a mid round pick. Bring in Joe's father as a defensive coach. Was defensive coordinator at Ohio University.
  4. From the Enquirer article. Was not bald when he was here.
  5. Yeah, I see your logic. The only thing holding me back right now is I can see spending the big bucks and having them issue him some other number. Looking into getting an Athens High School jersey.
  6. No thanks to Trevor the Transgender under any circumstances. He looks like Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner without any makeup.
  7. Well, Harry. Pretty good list. Extend A.J. rather than transition tag him because I think its important to have him get as much time with Joe Burrow as possible before the season starts, no sitting out workouts, training camp, etc. He is still a top tier NFL wide receiver and a veteran presence would be invaluable to the new qb. If they can trade Kirkpatrick for anything, fine. If not, get him to restructure his moronically high pay and cap hit for the next two years. I would also... Trade John Ross. Fragile and can't catch when he's healthy. Dumb as a bag of doorknobs. Extend WJIII. Re-sign Eifert. Still got it even if played sparingly. Him and Tate in the red zone with Joe Burrow and Mixon in the backfield with a revamped line could be awesome. Re-sign Dennard esp if the price is right. Give serious thought to Phillip's future with the team.
  8. https://bengalswire.usatoday.com/2020/01/13/cincinnati-bengals-offseason-moves-2020-trade-free-agency-playoff-contenders/ Draft Joe Burrow Extend A.J. Green Cut/Trade Cordy Glenn Get Out from Under Dre Kirkpatrick’s contract Extend Joe Mixon Trade Andy Dalton Hire a GM All above from the BengalsWire article. Agree with any/all? Additions or deletions?
  9. Overlooked in our coaching changes thread, Bengals lost Brayden Coombs to the Lions to be their new Special Teams coach. He was retained from the Marvin regime and his duties working with Simmons expanded. https://bengalswire.usatoday.com/2020/01/11/bengals-lose-promising-coach-brayden-coombs-lions/ Brayden is the son of (in)famous Colerain High School coach, Kerry Coombs, who led Colerain to numerous state championships. Kerry left Colerain for the pros, most recently the Tennessee Titans. Kerry left the Titans to return to The Ohio State where he was formerly the DB coach. His new OSU position is "co defensive coordinator". https://www.cincinnati.com/story/sports/college/othercolleges/2020/01/13/kerry-coombs-ohio-state-buckeyes-hire-titans-assistant-per-report/4456484002/ High School Harry's crystal ball sees him on the Bengals coaching staff in the not too distant future. Don't forget, Hobson, you heard it here first.
  10. Screw what up how? How many of those jerseys will be in Las Vegas on draft day? I have to work or I would consider going myself and wearing one. Who Deaxu!
  11. I would trade this pusseaux for whatever we can get. I can see laser perfect darts to this fool with ten yards of separation and him dropping them. I was thinking the same thing and going to post it. Put it up there for the big guy and watch him snatch it out of the sky. Him and Eifert in the red zone... And I still have hope for Drew Sample. BTW ... Clemson TE and PED user, Branden Galloway looked special. Only a sophomore. Would love to see him declare and drop to the 3rd or 4th round.
  12. I'm off to Koch's Sporting Goods to have one of those custom made in a Bengals jersey. Orange or Black? How about both, please?
  13. All the Tank for Trevor the Transgender is ancient history after last night.
  14. The only playoff game I am interested in is tonight (Monday) at 8:00 on ESPN. The Athens Joe Don't Get Hurt Bowl.
  15. Fuck Lemur *Choke* Jackson. He cost Andre Smith a Super Bowl appearance.
  16. I hope our new coach implements some of Sam's innovations like specifically the hurry-up offense and sugar huddle to get the play off and not give the opposing D time to get dug in, figure out what is going on and call out for pizza like they did with The Mediocre One. God Bless You, Coach Wyche
  17. Now I'm thoroughly sick since it seems the coordinators are staying but back to Tim Bucktu, the former linebacker coach. Two options, one I mentioned before, and with Bengal and/or Zac connections. One is even here working with the team not. I didn't know that. Other People Zac Taylor Knows Mark Duffner is an obvious option. He is on the Bengals staff, currently serving as senior defensive assistant, and worked with Taylor previously in Miami. He also coached linebackers for the Packers, Buccaneers, and Jaguars and started his career as a graduate assistant at Ohio State before becoming the defensive coordinator of the Cincinnati Bearcats. Speaking of Miami, former Dolphins defensive coordinator Matt Burke could make sense as well. He coached the Bengals linebackers from 2014-2015 before connecting with Taylor and the Dolphins. Prior to joining the Bengals staff he coached the Detroit Lions’ linebackers for five years and is currently defensive special assistant with the Eagles.
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