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PBS parking questions including handicap parking.

westside bengal

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Going to the Browns game next Thursday and I need some parking advice.  We share tickets with a group and we enter gate D as our tickets are in Section 139.  Coming from Indiana we always park in the Kenton County Garage and take the TANK bus over to the stadium and that has usually worked out OK. 

However, my wife has a degenerative hip issue, which usually is not that much of an issue but the last game we attended the driver unloaded somewhere on the southwest side of PBS and it was quite the walk for her.  We are not giving up on the TANK bus yet but I do want to explore our options.

My first question is if anyone knows much about handicap parking?  We have a placard.  I am assuming if we have a Lot parking pass there are handicap spots available in the Lots?  Do the Handicap spots fill up fast?   If entering Gate D which Lot options should I look for?  What other parking options do I have?  I have even thought about parking and taking a cab but have no idea on taxi costs.

As I said we have not given up on TANK as it usually works well for us but I do have a question.  We always stay at the game till the last.  However, there is a possibility we might have to leave late 3Q or early 4Q.  Does TANK run early back to Covington or will we have to wait till the end of the game?

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated

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Unsure if you've seen the PBS FAQ, but here are the sections regarding handicapped parking/access:

Linky: http://www.bengals.com/fanzone/faq.html

Q: If you don't have a handicapped parking pass, where is the best place to be dropped off at the stadium?

The Bengals suggest heading south down Central Avenue and stopping just before Pete Rose Way, which should put you at the bottom of the ramp heading to Gate A.

The Bengals, the City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County are providing approximately 100 additional disabled parking spaces for Bengals game patrons in Lot 1 at the corner of Central Avenue and Pete Rose Way.


Q: What is the situation for the disabled once they are in the building?

Elevators aren't exclusive to club patrons. If a person is in a wheelchair, or is in serious need of help, all elevators are available. One person is allowed on the elevator to accompany a wheelchair-bound or severely-disabled patron.

It is my understanding that the handicapped spaces in Lot 1 do NOT require a pre-purchased Lot Pass.  Having a placard and cash ($20?) should be sufficient to be allowed to park there.  Nevertheless, just because I think that's the way it works doesn't make it so.  Numbers' suggestion to call the front office (513-621-3550) is really your best bet.

TANK begins their return runs at the start of the 4th quarter and go at least 30 minutes after the end of the game... or as long as necessary if there are folks in the transportation center queued up for rides.  Most of the pregame TANK buses drop you off in the underground transportation center, but the Trolley Bus does not.... it runs on surface streets, crosses the river via the Roebling Suspension Bridge, and drops riders off on the PBS side of the Underground Railroad Museum.

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Handicapped Parking

Every lot provides handicapped parking spaces for season ticket holders with passes for the lot. In addition, single-game parking is available for handicapped patrons in Lot 1, which is located at the corner of Pete Rose Way and Central Avenue.

Handicapped parking in Lot 1 is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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IMO,  avoid Gate D at all costs during prime-time games.     Security is tighter and that's the "East Side" of the stadium which is closest to the Banks Development and the bars.    Every primetime game it's a swamp of people and takes Forever.       Unless you are getting in the stadium early, avoid Gate D. 

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Thanks for all the advice folks, I really do appreciate it.

I think we have decided to just park at the county garage in Covington as usual and take the TANK shuttle.  A lot less traffic after the game to fight.  There really isn't that much walking usually.  Heading over on US 50 to I275 at Lawrenceburg I detour over the state line to the nearest drive thru  to get a case of Yuengling and a case of Black and Tan.  I told my wife to grab a bottle of wine and she shouldn't feel any pain when we arrive lol.


Amish:  One question.....I think I have always taken a bus across never the Trolley.  Does the Trolley run the same route going back and forth if we want to try that?  Do you just wait till a trolley comes by?  To be honest while I have seen trolleys I am not sure if I have seen one pickup or deliver at the bottom of the county garage.  Maybe I just didn't pay atttention.


Scharm:  I understand what you mean about Gate D.  One time we arrived later than usual and it was a madhouse.  However we usually try to arrive before the gates open.  So it is not too bad.  Gives us plenty of time to go to the Pro Shop and I like to watch the crowd arrive and chat with the fans before the game.  My granddaughter who is now a high school freshman has been known to lead the "Who Dey" chant before the game.


Thanks again everyone,


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Sorry, you're probably already there....

The Trolleys generally run along the same route on the KY side as the big busses.  The only difference in their routes essentially is the bridge they use to cross the river and where their runs end.  If you're boarding on the KY side, it's all the same.... wait at a stop for a TANK vehicle to show up.  If it looks like a bus and is large, it's a bus.  If it looks like a trolley and is smaller, it's a trolley.  :)


This is a trolley:


This is a bus:


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We arrived at the Garage early and went out to the street to pick a ride.  We passed on 1 bus waiting for a trolley for the grandkids.  A taxi stopped and offered to take all four for $5 bucks and I passed for the trolley.  Finally after the 3rd bus went by the kids were ready to get to PBS and we took the next bus.  I never said anything thinking only of the missed $5 cab ride.

When we arrived to PBS the gates were opening and went thru Gate D with zero wait time.  Wife and grandkids took off to the Pro Shop and I had my one beer...a Yuengling.

Great game.  I thought we should leave early in the 4Q since the kids had school the next day but they wouldnt have none of that   Finally, with 5 minutes to go and everyone and the stands starting to empty the relented.

Easy drive back home.

Thanks again for all of the advice and I really do appreciate it.



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