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Browns Championship T-Shirts!


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4 hours ago, PutWittyNameHere said:

Assuming you posted this because you wanted it updated.  


No need to thank me.  It was my pleasure!


 The browns were undefeated in pre-season. That's why the shirt is funny. It's called humor. Look it up. The Bengals won 1 game in the pre-season. So your typical inbred stealer fan attempt at humor doesn't make any sense.  

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10 minutes ago, fluhartz said:

he sure does.. just wheel him out there and he will make some plays..

And that dumb fuck will run his wheelchair full speed into players with his stupid Cosby Kids looking bald head sticking out leading the charge. And then "wave" from a box at the next home game. But it will just be somebody else flapping his arm around.

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