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Coaching Staff Changes

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On 12/25/2018 at 8:37 PM, Madieu Superstar said:

Landing anywhere is enough for me to drown in my own vomit. 

Vance as DB coach would be just fine with me.  He has already excelled at that.

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20 hours ago, Sea Ray said:

Nope. They're both gone. He ain't hirin' Hue. He knows the fans would not buy that. As I said, Marvin's gone. After all these yrs I'm amazed that so many Bengal fans still don't understand mike Brown. He knows $$ and he knows empty seats don't generate it. So many Bengal fans, including Dave Lapham, said that Marvin would be back with Hue. No! I give kudos to former Bengal Jim Breech who last night said on local tv that Marvin would be gone because of the empty seats. There's one more thing to take out of this:


Fans, you had a say in all of this. Your not going to games contributed to this move. 

Oh c'mon Ray...don't go TJ on me here. The great Silent Protest myth. You have paid enough attention to see that empty seats are a league-wide thing. More so with losing franchises, but remarkable even with those which are winning. 

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My guesses at this point. 

*Cardinals-Adam Gase
*Bengals-Eric Bieniemy
*Dolphins-Kris Richard
*Broncos-Mike Munchack (Doesn't appear to be interviewing other places but was requested)
*Jets-Mike McCarthy
*Buccaneers-Bruce Arians
*Packers-Josh McDaniels
*Browns-Greg Williams

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