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!!! Bengals 2019 SEVENTH Round pick DB Jordan Brown !!! #223

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Late bloomer who came to school as a skinny wide receiver with 4.7 speed and leaves with outstanding height, weight, speed measurements and a shot to go on Day 2 as a cornerback. Brown's athletic ability and recovery speed increases his opportunities to make plays and flip the field, but he needs to trust his instincts and sharpen his eyes. If a coach can improve his assertiveness against big ball-winners, he has the physical and play traits to become one of the surprise cornerbacks in this draft.
  • Prototype for height, weight, speed at the position
  • Elite level athletic ability with rare fluidity for size
  • Traits and cover talent are scheme independent
  • Above-average ball production as three-year starter
  • Feet and hips to mirror and trace routes from press or off
  • Good bend and balance to stay connected to multi-breaks
  • Long speed to handle vertical challenges
  • Stick and click twitch to smother routes underneath
  • Above-average closing skill
  • Former wideout with soft hands and feel for attacking passing lane
  • Weather-tested
  • Plays light for being a bigger cornerback
  • Gets out-muscled at break point too often
  • Unusually short arms for a tall cornerback
  • Lack of length shows up at times and could hinder trail technique
  • Needs to play more assertively against size
  • Gives away critical body positioning in potential 50-50 situations
  • Needs better eye-balance to read quarterback clues
  • Can improve his read and squeeze off routes from off coverage
  • Will get jostled and bounced as run supporter.
Draft Projection
Round 3

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