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3 hours ago, sparky151 said:


Not absurd. He's a FCS tackle they are trying to move to G. Let's say he wins the starting job at LG. That would make the Carman 2nd round pick even worse. More likely they start Carman or re-sign Spain. In which case Volson is fighting with Adeniji or Smith for a roster spot. Instead of adding another just-a-guy level player to our O-line jumble, they should have used the pick for a TE or WR or CB. Someone likely to make the roster on merit rather than draft position. 

I have a long-tenured saying: “every team wins on Draft Days”. As anticipated, this fellow has morphed from basically unknown, to developing “steal”. It’s not uncommon, and would not be surprised if all of the picks will ultimately be elevated to “great picks”. It’s the nature of the beast. 

Today’s Volson,is yesterday’s Adeniji. 




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yeah, that's the problem. Even if the light hasn't come on for Carman, we could cover for it by re-signing Spain. That would have let us use the 4th round pick on someone else. I don't think Tobin is ready to cut last year's 2nd round pick or this year's 4th round pick. Maybe the 2020 6th rounder we started in the Super Bowl gets the heave-ho. But we already have plenty of backup types. 

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