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1 hour ago, Le Tigre said:


Still would like a guard to offset questions at LG and for quality depth. 

Darrian Kinnard? 

I hated the idea of Kinnard in the 2nd but am all for it if he's there at end of 4. 

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11 minutes ago, membengal said:

Ravens have, literally, 6 fourth round picks. I expect them to take him. 


My nightmare if they get him. As they already have arguably had the best draft of any team. (them or Jets😑

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I feel like they will pass on TE. They may be all in enough on Hurst to want to look at bringing him back after this year. And he's got a pedigree that you won't find at this point in the draft. And despite his age not much mileage on his NFL tires. 

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7 minutes ago, Le Tigre said:

Slimming down any TE choices. 


Only 3 TE's left on my "Big Board" ...


Grant Calcaterra       6’5, 247, SMU 

Charlie Kolar       6’6, 260, Iowa St. 

Austin Allen       6’8, 255, Nebraska 

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42 minutes ago, sparky151 said:

If we re-sign Spain, we don't really need any O-linemen this year. Let's see if Carman or Smith or Adeniji can develop further.


We do need another CB, a TE, and a WR today. 

Who backs up C?  I think we need a guy who can compete at C and LG. 

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