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53 man roster after Game 1

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Red=Fighting for a spot


QB Burrow 25 Allen 23  
RB Mixon 25 Perine 23 Evans 25
WR Chase 26 Thomas 23 Lassiter 24
WR Higgins 24 Morgan 24  
WR Boyd 24 Taylor 23  
TE Hurst 23 Sample 23 Wilcox 23
LT Williams 24 Smith 25  
LG Volson 26 Spain 23  
C Karras 25 Brown 24  
RG Cappa 26 Carman 25  
RT Collins 25 Prince 24  
K McPherson 25    
P Chrisman    
LS Harris 23    
LE Hubbard 26 Sample 25 Gunter 26
LT Reader 24 Tupou 24  
RT Hill 25 Carter 26  
RE Hendrickson 25 Ossai 25  
WLB Wilson 24 Bachie 23  
MLB Pratt 23 Bailey 24  
SLB Davis-Gaither 24    
S Bell 23 Hill 27 Anderson 27
S Bates 23 Thomas 23  
CB Awuzie 24 Taylor-Britt 26  
CB Apple 23 Flowers 23  
CB Hilton 25    


16 man practice squad


Williams 23
Irwin 23
Pryor 24
Hill 25

Adomitis 24

Hubert 25
Shelvin 25
Tisdale 24

Jones 23

Johnston 22
George 24

Davis 23


QB-Straightforward although I'd like to see someone more dynamic on the PS

RB-Obvious top 3, Williams always flashes and will continue in the preseason. Patrick is a rock as the 5th back and just falls off the PS 

WR-Top 4 are obvious. I don't see how Taylor didn't play his way onto the roster tonight. Could see a battle between Lassiter and Thomas but I think they keep 7. Then 3 exciting developmental guys on the PS

TE-Wilcox if healthy I think is a lock.  Moss is probably ahead of a group that doesn't have anyone showing out. There's a spot for someone to take here. But I don't see it on the roster. 

OL-This was the big concern today. I would hope they would look externally. Spain is literally still in Cincy and posting picks during the game. Just go sign him. He's not an upgrade but he's fine and known. Doesn't have to start to be here. You can't rely on Carman---You can't rely on Adeniji---You can't rely on Prince. I think you can give up on Adeniji and try to stash him on PS and if he goes he goes. 

ST-I think Chrissman beats out Huber and Harris remains the LS with Adomonitis on PS. Essentially doing what they did last year at P. 

DL-Gunter has probably played his way on to the roster. Shelvin may have played his way off it. Tough to cut Shelvin and Kareem but I think you do that and move forward. Try to stash Shelvin and Hubert on the PS. I have the feeling they are really high on Tisdale and are going to play him very infrequently in the PS to try to keep in on the PS. They sort of did that with Pooka last year. 

LB-They are amazing at nabbing free agent LBs. I think they stick with their top 5 and let Jones and Johnston go to the PS

DB-Hills versatility allows them to keep 5 safeties and 5 CBs. Stash 2 CBs on the PS

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If you look at free agents for next year a couple thoughts. 


1. TE----everybody expected to make the roster is a free agent. I 100% expect Hayden Hurst back. With this team atmosphere and what he has dealt with related to mental health I think he will want to find a home. He is still older and The other 2 are FA's. I think they will be on the prowl for a TE before the start of the season. (Cheyenne O'Grady never signed anywhere I don't think)

2. I think Pratt could get extended any week now. A deal in the 2 years 4-6 mill per range. He is good friends with Hill and the payout isn't bad. 

3. I could see Bell get extended in season. I think they expect Bates to leave and Hill to take over. They would love to partner him with Bell.

4. The messiest thing is going to be all of the guys going into their last year next year.....Burrow-Higgins-Boyd-Jonah-Reader-Wilson-Awuzie.....We will start by paying Burrow then what? Boyd-Reader-Awuzie will all be on their 3rd deals and we don't tend to want to offer that. If you followed this season at all teams in the position we will be in with Higgins often ended up trading the player, unwilling to offer a long term deal. If I had to guess Jonah and Wilson are the 2 re-signed outside of Burrow and everyone else plays out their deal. Jonah and Wilson will both be on the 2nd contracts. 

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16 hours ago, MichaelWeston said:


3. I could see Bell get extended in season. I think they expect Bates to leave and Hill to take over. They would love to partner him with Bell.


Munoz made a comment last night that one of Dax Hill’s hits was “Vonn Bell-Esque”.

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14 hours ago, BlackJesus said:



Not me.  I think we need to see all of the preseason before we determine which way to go.  But hell, you guys know more about football than me, I was telling Keith Byars, Martin Bayless, and Joey Browner what an astute bunch of folks are on this site, while we were smoking Cigars at the Moraine Country club just last week.

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