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Looking for Chiefs-Bengals Screencaps

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Does anyone by chance have (or can create) a screen cap from either of last years' Chiefs games?  I'm looking specifically for ones that show the first half scores.... down 14 (14-0, 21-7 or 28-14) for the first at PBS, and down 21-3 for the second in the AFCC.


Either game would do.  BOTH games would be great.


Reason: Got a buddy who is chirping loudly about how the Chefs will beat down the Stripes this year.  I want to remind him that we spotted them 32 total points in leads, yet they got to watch us play in LA while they welcomed many many visitors.  TIA.



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35 minutes ago, Griever said:

Would a youtube video work? Love the cbs "intense" themes



If there's something earlier in the game(s), showing the Chef's huge lead(s) that would be good.  Theme here is "maybe next time we'll spot you twenty." :)

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