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Adam Schefter:  "Former No. 1 overall pick Baker Mayfield reached agreement today on a one-year deal worth up to $8.5 million with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, per sources. Mayfield is now in line to be Tom Brady’s successor."





Funny thing, April 1st isn't for a couple of weeks yet.

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Was in Tampa this past week at a conference. Hotel was located directly adjacent to Amalie Arena—where the Lightning (NHL) play.


Sitting at the hotel bar, I was asking one of the bartenders (a local) which team was the favorite in terms of people in bar/buying drinks? 

Since the hockey arena was so close by, the answer “Lightning” wasn’t surprising. But what did catch my attention, was how little he said the locals talked about the Bucs. Even with Tommy, he said he would actually hear more chatter about the Rays (MLB) than the Bucs. 

Not that the Bucs are chopped liver around there, just that people seem to be much more diverse sports wise. IOW, it’s not a “one-team town”. 

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Baker Mayfield first look in a Bucs uniform




(Dunno how to embed a Tweet.  Click thru to see the video.)


#89 runs the identical route over and over again. Mayfield overthrows him every single time.


At least the Bucs are in the NFC South. 7-10 might be enough.

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