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Reds 2023..

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28 minutes ago, SmoothD said:

Will Benson should at least be hitting 5th in the lineup.

With the way he is hitting the ball lately, I'd be tempted to move him into clean up, and put EDLC in the 5 hole.



He may be the guy I am rooting for the most, his comeback story has been awesome.

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11in a row....

Just amazing group of players..

Abbott pitched like a seasoned pro  today..


The excitement in Cincinnati is far beyond what I envisioned thus season.

Truly thought this team would lose 100 games.


Now I believe they can and will make the playoffs...

Next up....12 in a row..

Go Reds....







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12 minutes ago, Jamie_B said:



Let's goooo



14 is their longest ever, can we get 15?

Next two series against Atlanta and Baltimore so its a rough 6 game patch.

Atlanta swept the Reds earlier but each game was by a run..


Anything is possible with the way theyre playing right now.





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1 hour ago, Go Skins said:

Jamie - they are in DC on July 4th which is a day game.  You might find fans to high five like you did when the Bengals/Skins played in DC a long time ago.  :)


Yup got a ticket. Thought about wearing the Viking helmet and cape. :lol:

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1 hour ago, Go Skins said:


If you find Captain Obvious that day......I want a pic!  


Or was that sarcasm?


No you're missing what I mean.


When the Reds get a home run they award the guy who got it a Viking helmet and cape to wear. I was thinking about doing that.

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8 minutes ago, claptonrocks said:

Reds down 5-2 top of third..

Weaver struggling once again..

Down 5-0 Fraley's 2 run shot was huge..

Have to be a helluva comeback tonite..



Here they come Elly with 2run shot...howb bout Freidel stealing 2nd and 3rd..



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