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Reds 2023..

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5 minutes ago, claptonrocks said:

Yes it was..

30-35 at this point has impressed me..

Scrappy bunch...


Arenado abd Goldschmidt are having slow starts..

The rest of their lineup is no better than ours..





If they can just improve the middle relief pitching......

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43 minutes ago, Jamie_B said:


Hopefully they can get up to Louisville soon

I see nothing in pitching in Louisville.

Christian Encarnacion Strand is putting up call up numbers though..

62 games..356 avg 16 hrs and 44 ribbies..



Strand now at 362..17 and 46

after a 2run shot tonight..

Plays third but stiff..


Could be the future 1st baseman..

When is the question..


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On 6/5/2023 at 11:33 PM, claptonrocks said:

Alexis Diaz may be the best releiver in the MLB..

Farmer and Sims are mediocre..

Hurts not to have a good middle reliever..



Sims had a good night tonight. 


The Brewers lost in the 9th, Pirates are down to the Cubs. 


Chance to pull closer 

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7 hours ago, Jamie_B said:

Brewers lost again, chance to tie them tonight, and pull closer to the Pirates. 

We win tonight and we are a game and a half back. (If the Pirates win)


If the Pirates lose and we win, we are a half game back.


Go Reds, Go Cubs!!



Math was off, everything worked in our favor tonight but we're 1.5 back


Sweep of KC though, fuck them.

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