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Last night I had a dream the Bengals won the bowl

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50 minutes ago, sois said:

It was the happiest dream ever , but in the dream, I logged on to go Bengals and retired from being an NFL fan. Are y'all going to retire when Burrow wins it all next year?


A Bengal fan for life.

You too...

It was just a dream.


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1 hour ago, Shebengal said:

No. Why would I retire as a Bengals fan when they’re the top of the heap?

Cause it's a rage inducing hobby, very stressful. Although I do love hating stuff, so it's a good outlet

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57 minutes ago, claptonrocks said:

Bandwagonners may.

Sois won't.

So true.  Sois is hard core, bleeds orange and black.


Speaking of bandwagonners... all the kerfluffle and Danish at work all week

was about the Gen Z etc's favorite half time show.  It was like they did not have

a clue a football game was going to be played.

Half time entertainment at the first Super Bowl was the University of Arizona and

Grambling marching bands.  A football game and a great college marching band at

half time.  Football the way God intended because He lets it be played on Sunday.

Just showed who Taylor Swift dragged into the game.  Bet they have not seen three

football games in the last five years between them.


One thing... tonight I am watching "Nature Boy" on Netflix.  Mini doc/bio on 

The Nature Boy, Ric Flair!  Woooo OOO!


P.S.  :liberalmedia:

P.S.S.  I did go to Hard Rock Casino this morning and put money on the Chiefs simply because

I don't want to see Chadwick have to give up McDonalds.

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19 hours ago, Le Tigre said:

Speaking of Las Vegas, how’s the atmosphere around town this week? 


Man, it's nuts, I went to the little fan stuff they had, there are too many people on the earth


also the prices were dumb. A normal chicken sandwich combo cost me 30 bucks

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