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    It doesn't fit with their version, therefore it isn't true... There are others.
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    To be fair - isn't that exactly what happened with Evan Mathis and 'Nasty Nate'?
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    yep.. Driskel was god last year...until he actually got to play.
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    You have said the same thing about each of AD's backups.
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    Collinsworth a Bengals fan? Give me a fucking break.
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    Eifert is expected to miss 4-6 games due to hypothermia
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    Kind of like when Bill "Tiger" Johnson and Sam Wyche both resigned?
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    I was actually wondering how long it would take for the "QB controversy" to emerge here...was also thinking there would be a good chance that Catfish would start it.
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    Look, you know that I and the majority of Americans are not for banning all guns. So your argument is one that no one here is making. We don't have laws to eliminate bad behavior entirely. We have them to limit their impacts for the greater good of society. No one here is saying take away all gun owners rights. Or ban guns. But I do think it should be A LOT harder than it is now. And I mean A LOT. And their sales should be monitored like cars, along with a host of other ways they should be treated like cars. Doing nothing isn't acceptable. Just like banning all guns and taking away everyones right isn't acceptable. There's a much better place to be found somewhere in the middle though.
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    Eh, I guess that's one way to put it. He was run out of the league for doing things like encouraging a player to leave voice mails threatening to rape another player's sister & murder his family. Repeatedly. So y'know, not exactly Mike Ditka material. Then at Texas A&M he's asked to give a seminar on football to the local ladies & decides to spice it up with a bunch of crude sexual innuendo. To a bunch of player's moms & older alumni. Short answer, guy's simply a dirtbag and makes a mockery of all the team's talk about changing the perception of the franchise and high-character guys and blah blah fucking blah. Redeemer doesn't give a damn if you eat babies so long as he gets a discount. Then he gets to pat himself on the back for being such a good person in giving said baby-eater a 2nd chance. It's total bullshit & a big part of why his team goes nowhere. That aside, I seriously doubt Coach Restraining Order is going to turn chickenshit into chicken salad on our OL by screaming at them louder.
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    A highly rated Guard (with high marks from PFF) is not going to simply be ignored by other teams. He is still under contract from the Bengals, therefore teams are not beating down the door but are possibly in contact with management. There are only a handful of reasons for not starting an individual that by all other observations and grades is a starting Guard. Note: We're not talking about grades from self professed experts on this board but verifiable stats from recognized experts. For those that believe that the NFL is always based upon merit have not been paying attention. Blackballing exists whether a fan is too blind to admit it or not. Giving up a little over 700 thousand should make a person go hmmm... As LeTigre would state, "Anything you say..." to which I respond, "Things a consultant might say..." 1. I am not at liberty to say. 2. This is above your paygrade.
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    This is ridiculous, people don't have to put down Marvin to compliment Taylor....to act like Marvin never interacted with Chad or Vontaze or whomever is just silly...this New Dey bs is getting old quickly. How is it a New Day when you have the same roster from last year and the same front office?With Duke Tobin, Troy and Katie Blackburn, and Mike Brown still making the personnel decisions how has anything truly changed? The Bengals attempt to blame Marvin Lewis for all of their ineptitude and woefullness is shameful, especially when you consider where they were before he arrived.
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    Guy was top shelf everywhere he was: consensus HS all-American...cream of the PAC 12 crop at guard. Never a head case/problem anywhere. His one mistake was coming here...where recently all linemen come to die. I have a feeling that the NFL has not heard the last of Christian Westerman.
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