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  1. https://patch.com/pennsylvania/doylestown/s/ik5we/poles-being-greased-eagles-nfc-championship-game Can't be too careful. 🚨
  2. I'm not so sure...if you look closely at Chris' mouth, it's difficult to tell if Mahomes' cock is in there.
  3. she seems like she has a good sense of humor, making that face on purpose and all. that's on purpose, right? right?
  4. Pats and Chiefs designated for games in Germany next season. https://www.patriots.com/news/nfl-announces-two-2023-international-games-in-germany
  5. when you see a replay from another angle it doesn't look nearly as bad as what it looked like from the angle they showed live.
  6. yeah, I just saw that in another thread here. I like his moxie but that's gonna cost him.
  7. That was excellent. Rich Eisen has been mentioning guaranteed contracts, too -- albeit with not as much intensity.
  8. Excellent write-up by [checks author] Mike Florio 🤮 https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2023/01/06/proposed-afc-seeding-plan-raises-important-issues-about-rule-changes-precedent/
  9. The least crappy solution is still crappy. Short of completing the game, some team(s) will get the shaft.
  10. They could sell tickets to the general public to hold his hand for 30 seconds and there'd be a line from UC to the river.
  11. "The next couple of days." https://www.nfl.com/news/nfl-says-talks-have-begun-on-whether-to-resume-bills-bengals-game
  12. It's ok. They never planned to deliver anything.
  13. Just call the scalper you paid 300 bucks per ticket to. They'll refund your money.
  14. @tibor75 When you're not being an unbearable prick you're actually pretty cool. Thanks.
  15. Notable top donors (real donations but possibly made up names):
  16. This is worth watching. It's from one guy who happens to have a popular-ish YouTube Channel, and he gives his honest thoughts and feelings about the situation.
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