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  1. Trevor Simien just took a nasty hit. Your ankle is not supposed to bend that way but he apparently walked off the field.
  2. Greg Robinson just ejected for kicking a Titan in the head. 5 unsportsmanlike penalties on the Browns already.
  3. He has plenty of time. Most of his days are spent doing computer research.
  4. Mike Nugent and AJ Hawk are being inducted into the OSU Hall of Fame this weekend, along with Thad Matta, RJ Umbarger (hockey player now with the Blue Jackets) and 6 others. https://ohiostatebuckeyes.com/meet-the-ohio-state-athletics-hall-of-fame-class-of-2019/
  5. Well then, it's a good thing I told hubby dearest to play Kirk Cousins in his fantasy league this weekend. Poor hubby-he got a bad draft position this year and had to choose 2 Squeelers, 2 Ratbirds, and Geno Atkins. (Hubby dearest is a Browns fan.)
  6. Last year they didn't even have fried food. But the pizza is good and the subs are quite good, too. Hubby dearest offered to get the game up on the computer for me to watch and I politely declined. I told him I was going to The Pub. It's the Misery Loves Company tour.
  7. Tom will be leading the charge. I'm not sure what he will do-he can't yell "Marvin, you suck!" at the TV anymore. Haven't heard from Sox yet. Right now, I'm planning on going.
  8. Once again, The Columbus Bengal Nation is meeting at The Pub in Gahanna for all the games. We’re Browned out this week so maybe you should come check it out and join us.
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