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<b>BJ IS MISSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</b>


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[quote name='85fanwilkes' date='Oct 11 2005, 03:35 AM']I saw him logged in about an hour ago said he was posting then all of a sudden went off with no post............

They said he was drinking Jaggermeister, I drank a 5th of Jag myself one time :(

Took me a week to recover

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Guest BengalBacker
[quote name='BengalBeotch' date='Oct 10 2005, 05:30 PM']OK....YES.....I returned from the game and Dan (NJ fan) informed
me that BJ was passed out at my room.....AND YES...there he was
in all his drunken glory, he didn't have a rose but he was spread eagle
on the floor at my hotel door...it was
quite a scene!!...I think my sister and I about shit our selves laughing
once we made sure he still had a pulse...we made him get up
and come in the room...he got all cleaned up and we all watched
highlights of the game till about 4 A.M. (since he missed the whole game)

JUST SO YOU KNOW...He is safe, the Beotch and family took him in
and made sure he was OK...

and yeah  Scales...that was me with the Beer Mug hat and spectacles!
I would love a clean screen shot of that if anyone can get one!!

I know you got a picture of him passed out in the hall.
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Guest schotzee
[quote name='DanvilleBengal' date='Oct 11 2005, 08:25 PM']Hey guys and girls, I'm back from my trip away from Hampton Roads.  From reading these posts about the JAX trip, sounds like all of yall had a hell of a time!!!

Has he even posted today? OR the previous day????

Yea,he's been posting.
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