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Draft Pick Value Chart

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[quote name='sparky151' timestamp='1297718975' post='970526']
So the 4th pick is worth 400 points less than the 3rd but only 100 points more than the 5th? Not buying that.

Don't pay any attention to this stupid draft "value chart" bullshit. Its completely meaningless and only morons pay attention to it.
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listened to an interview with Mayock yesterday where he basically said teams have thrown the draft value chart out the window under the new CBA. As long as they feel they're getting fair compensation and have an interest in moving, they'll make the trade. Referenced all the top 10 action you saw this year and disparate values you wouldn't see in normal years.

He thinks what we saw in the first round this year (9 trades) is going to be more the norm than the exception going forward.
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