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Catfish Bob

Poll is NFL Rigged

Is the NFL "RIGGED?"  

8 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you believe that the NFL predetermines the outcome of some games?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Maybe
    • Don't Care. Like my football like my wrestling
    • The guy that started this poll is a tinfoil hat idiot.

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I don't think they're telling the refs "Jacksonville wins 30-14".  I think the rules have purposefully been made so vague that their natural bias towards "good" teams takes care of it. I think there are directives to call games a certain way. Every week, any game, you will routinely see defensive linemen tackled to the ground, in headlocks, jerseys nearly being ripped off and it's very rare that you'll see an offensive holding call.  The party line is "we could call holding on any play" like that's an acceptable excuse.  It's either a rule or it isn't, you call it on every play or you get rid of the rule entirely.  If a certain hit or tackle on Brady is against the rules, it's still against the rules when you do it to some no-name backup QB. I think the refs usually try to keep games close so people don't tune out.


Last week the announcers said our refs were pulled from a different game; the question then being if they weren't good enough to call an "important" game, why are they calling any game at all? Further, why is the NFL deciding the shit refs are fine for our game despite it having WC implications?  I also think things like scheduling, how suspensions etc are handled & media coverage are all designed to give the cash cow teams an advantage.   The NFL operates as its own media arm - it's shady to have the league's own website publishing opinion articles & video clips. 


So no, I don't think they're predetermining the outcome of games. but yes the NFL is rigged.  It's just rigged in such a way that they don't need to dictate scores. 


I do think individual refs are corrupt & engaging in point-shaving, trying to manipulate the spread.  It generally doesn't affect who wins but given the amount of money involved in sports gambling I think it's incredibly naive to think these guys have never been bought.  


Generally though? Yeah who cares, it's entertainment.  

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Not rigged in a "here is the score" way, just in a "this team wins" way.


So many bullshit penalties. So many vague areas.


Simple procedure. Watch how quickly refs throw a flag when an unexpected team makes a big play.

No flag, no flag, damn he caught it 40 yards downfield behind the safeties, flag.

No flag, no flag, he was behind the safeties but missed the ball, no flag.


And that's without mentioning the 27 consecutive penalties the Stealers got in their favour against the Jags at the end of the game the other weekend.

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Well, if you think the league hates the Stealers than yes its rigged.  They got ass raped yesterday by a bad call. Cost them the game. 

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