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2019 Week 1 Power Rankings

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ESPN: Bengals move from 28 to 27.

Business Insider   23

CBS Sports          24

Bleacher Report   26

Sports Illustrated 24  (ten voters in that one)


So we almost win at Seattle, hold them to 12 first downs and 233 yards while our offense racks up 429 yards and ESPN only moves us up one spot from 28 to 27.

Cleveland gets their asses kicked, AT HOME, BY THE TITANS and they are still ranked 17th

Pittsburgh got totally crushed at New England (ok, not the Titans) and are still ranked 16th.



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Power Rankings are nice to look at when your team's at least in the upper half, but bottom line they don't mean crap. If Cinci can play the rest of the season the way it did at Seattle I'll be happy.

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I assume they're only going to move teams up or down a certain number of spots in a given week, and who knows, the Stealers and Stains outcomes this past week may prove to be anomalies.  However, keeping the Bengals at #27 is just stubborn and stupid.  And it's not that they don't respect the team that they almost beat on their own field -- the moved the Chickens up from #15 to #11.  Apparently beating the Bengals at home was worthy of a significant jump up, yet the Bengals get no respect with their own ranking.   So, which is it?  if the Bengals are that bad, then why move Seattle up for beating them by 1 at home?  If Seattle's that great, then why not reward the Bengals?


Oh, well, these things are nothing more than click bait anyway, but I'm as guilty as anyone else for looking at them.  It's kinda like reading the tabloid covers while standing in the checkout line. You know it's bullshit, but you're curious anyway.

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