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Andrew Whitworth Talks Super Bowl, Sean McVay, Retirement, Cincy & Carson Palmer | The Pivot Podcast

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If he was any more relaxed & self-assured here he would've taken a nap on that couch while one of them mowed his lawn...  Yet still comes off so humble that he'd never do that.   That's an incredibly rare combination and really something to behold.


Sucks it took a Bengals loss to get him a ring but it's hard to think of a more deserving player.  Too bad he left under bad circumstances as I would've loved to see him do one of those 1 day/1 dollar contracts to officially retire a Bengal.  Sucks to think he'll most likely go into the Hall as a Ram, too.


Still say this ejection in 2012 after Henderson tried to gouge out his eye was a pivotal moment for what had been a doormat franchise.



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1 hour ago, Jamie_B said:

NFL players dont go into the HOF associated with a specific team, like there wont be a Andrew Whitworth bust with a Rams Jersey/Helmet.



Well that's something.  Now let's get him into the PBS RoH.

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