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I'm at Skyline chili in Cincinnati

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51 minutes ago, AmishBengalFan said:


Frankly, I'm a little jealous of those who have had Skyline and Gold Star frequently enough to tell the difference and have a favorite.  Growing up in suburban Dayton in the 70s, there were zero chili stores near me, and I've never lived in Cincy, so all those places are infrequent treats for me.


Because of that, and because all of the Cincy chili places' chilis are so much more like each other than they are like anybody else's chili, it's like...  well...  suppose you like tigers but you don't get to see them very often.  If you get a chance to see a Bengal tiger, or a Siberian tiger, or a Sumatran or a Caspian.... it really doesn't matter cause it's a tiger, and you like tigers!


I like Skyline.  I like Gold Star.  I like Camp Washington.  I like Empress.  I have never had Dixie but I bet I'll like it too.  It really doesn't matter cause it's a tiger .. oops, it's Cincy chili and I like Cincy chili.  And if given a choice, I'll choose Gold Star because they're a team sponsor and they sometimes have cool Bengal cups or other swag I can take home that combines my favorite team with Cincy chili.


So, those who hate one or more of the Cincy chili's, go ahead.... you do you.  But I am such an infrequent diner that it's all delicious to me.



Relatable.  I only knew Texas chili, prefer Gold Star of the local chains but fine with any of them, Camp W or Price Hill outclass the franchise spots, it's drive-thru tier vs a diner.  Prefer a BLT or the goetta & eggs @ Camp.. corned beef or sausage at PH.  Split some chili fries if you really want to compare them but you're better off saving room for a slice of pie at either.  Last I was at Camp they were still getting them from some neighborhood bakery, YMMV. 




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