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All 66 Bengals touchdowns from '88 season

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There is nothing in that ‘88 offensive line-other than Munoz—any more special than the line here now. 

The difference is in the game itself. Watch a pedestrian/limited athlete like Bruce Reimers block. Key element: he actually blocks, as opposed to pushing and leaning. Same with Blados. Same with Walter. 

Notice also, that they don’t need to grab anyone on pass blocking-they simply block using lower pads and leverage. 

Put them into today’s game, and they all—maybe even Anthony—would be less than ordinary because of the rules. 

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1 hour ago, Jason said:

We could use clones of that O-line.



We could use an OL coach that let his players do what they've learned to do their whole careers instead of trying to reinvent the wheel to show how big brain he is

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Another thing (which I already knew in 1988): watch the defensive backs. They are pushing/hitting at the line and past 5 yards…and Eddie Brown/Tim McGee/Ira Hillary(?) still beat them to the open for long passes. 

Great receivers somehow got open and scored in those days…and didn’t need manufactured rules to assist. 

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