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  1. Been thinking they might take OJ Howard because they know LT will be bad so they are making up for losing Whitworth.
  2. I think the pick will be John Ross. Last year it would have been Fuller. He is a better Fuller.
  3. Peerman resigned 1 year.
  4. You can trade comp picks before you have them.
  5. If you had to replace your third cb or your starting TE which position is easier to replace with or current roster? It's a no brainer
  6. Your lack of logic combined with your condescending attitude make you almost unbearable. 1) Eifert keeps having freak accidents because he plays a position where everyone gets hurt all the time. Greg Olsen is about the only TE to make it through pretty well. When you combine that with the fact that he has a contract ending after 2017 season then it means we have to atleast consider what we can do to move on. 2) CB has 6 players with starting experience or 1st round pick status and most signed long term. Dre-Jackson and Shaw are all signed long term. When you add in PacMan and Dennard that gives you 5 quality corners. Then we can add in Bernikwee or however you spell it and his tons of starts and a former 3rd round pick in Russell. The reality is that position is way more advanced then TE where all we have are questions behind Eifert who has an unknown back injury. 3) When it comes to a 4th WR the point about that is that we don't have depth at the position. This is important for 2 reasons 1) We have a spot open for a draft pick to come in and play for a year. 2) Brandon LaFell is 30 years old and on a 2 year contract. Whoever we draft has a roster spot and a vet above him for a year or 2 to allow him to ease in. It's the ideal scenario. AT CB you are at best trying to draft your future 3rd corner. That's stupid.
  7. Me too. But I can hear the Marvin quote about him already
  8. I am not as low on Charlton as you guys are but I'd rather have a receiver if Barnett is gone (and Thomas and Garrett) but I think the Bengals love big school guys with size at DE. And it's not like he didn't produce, even if it was just 1 year.
  9. Yeah I am definitely not interested in him. Also heard Williams raised eyebrows at DE.
  10. Its not really devils advocate when we don't have a 4th WR and our TE hasn't played a full season yet. I get what you are saying but these are apples and oranges comparisons.
  11. Thats overkill at a position of strength. We shouldn't be drafting our 3rd CB when we don't have a pass rusher or OL or 2nd WR to speak of. Even taking a TE makes more sense thatn a CB.
  12. I dont think Zay Jones is still available at 41. If so I think it is him Mixon or an OL. I hope an OL.
  13. I think their board is Garrett Thomas Charlton Barnett Ross Davis Williams
  14. I think alot of people think Lattimore is over rated and just another guy in a deep CB class. No way I would take one at 9 when literally we have seven players who I could foresee being in the nickel group and I wouldn't be surprised if we had success with them. Lattimore is a bad idea.
  15. Those won't be the top 8 to go.