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  1. A406? Pfft. Use your Oyster Card and ride the Underground.... Jubilee Line from Westminster to Green Park, transfer to Picadilly Line from Green Park to Arsenal 16 minutes' travel time, plus whatever time waiting on the platform at Westminster and Green Park
  2. This just in from Bengals UK: I'm off to Marriott.com to go find me some crash space. Stayed last time at County Hall, which was under the London Eye and right across Westminster Bridge from Big Ben. Great location, terrific view.
  3. AmishBengalFan

    Manziel to CFL

    Update! Manziel has been kicked out of the CFL. Linky: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/johnny-manziel-released-by-alouettes-for-violating-contract-cfl-bans-him-from-signing-with-other-teams/ Alouettes released him, CFL gas banned him. Nobody is talking about why....
  4. NFL: "As of tomorrow, we're all undefeated again." (Glances at calendar) It's tomorrow. Hello, first place Bengals!
  5. 6. Congrats Pats. Now, go away... OR go get #7 immediately and THEN go away.
  6. AmishBengalFan

    Who Dey in the UK

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  7. AmishBengalFan

    Who Dey in the UK

    I hesitate to post this, lest LT respond with another dozen or so posts about the English Premier League, but I realize that I need to amend my previous best-guess regarding Wembley vs Spurs as the venue for the Bengals-Rams UK2019 game. The Rams are owned by Stan Kroenke, who owns Arsenal, for whom Spurs are their absolute top-hated rival. If I doubted whether the Glazers would allow the Bucs to generate a dime of revenue for Spurs, I neglected to remember that the Rams are essentially the LA version of the Arsenal Gunners... Look for Bengals-Rams to be at Wembley.
  8. I remember fondly the 1989 season. We were off our Super Bowl high and were picked to not only return but to win it all. We came up short, but damn if we didn't have the coolest-named QBs in the league: Norman "Boomer" Esiason Eric "The Kaiser" Wilhelm Turk Schonert It lasted only one season, as that was The Kaiser's first and Turk's last, but it was fun while it lasted.
  9. AmishBengalFan

    Who Dey in the UK

    How do we do that, exactly?
  10. AmishBengalFan

    Who Dey in the UK

    For those thinking about going, the schedule won't come out until April, but it's a safe bet the game will be played in October. The earliest London game over the past 4 years was 9/24, the latest was 11/1. If I were to make a guess, I would say week 7, or October 20th. This is because the Rams are playing a preseason game in Hawaii next year, so their London trip would be one of the later games... probably 3rd of 4. This would also be consistent with the last two trips the Rams made there - playing on 10/22/17 and 10/23/16. Also, the games will be split 2+2 between Wembley and Spurs. Jacksonville is already locked in to one of the Wembley games. If the Rams win the Super Bowl, I expect they'll put them at the larger venue (Wembley holds 30K more). But if I were a betting man, I figure it's an absolute lock that we'll be at Spurs. The Panthers are making their first ever trip and will be playing Tampa. Tampa are owned by the Glazers, who also own Manchester United. I'm thinking is doubtful they would want their team playing in a venue associated with Spurs, to deny them any financial gain from the Bucs playing there. And with the Panthers making their London debut it makes sense to have them at the larger stadium. My best guess is Bengals at Rams, at Spurs, on 10/20/19.
  11. AmishBengalFan

    Who Dey in the UK

    The Bengals -did- have a bye after their Wembley trip in 2016, but it's not guaranteed. Over the last 4 seasons, the NFL has played 13 games in London. Of those 26 teams, all of them had a bye the week following EXCEPT for 4 of them: 2016: IND played JAX at Wembley on 10/2 (week 4) and hosted CHI on 10/9 (week 5) 2017: JAX played BAL at Wembley on 9/24 (Week 3) and played at NYJ on 10/1 (Week 4) 2017: BAL played JAX at Wembley on 9/24 (week 3) and hosted PIT on 10/1 (Week 4) 2017: MIA played NOS at Wembley on 10/1 (Week 4) and hosted TEN on 10/8 (Week 5) So that's 22 of 26 teams over the last 4 seasons getting a post-London bye.
  12. Jeebus, they keep running into frame.... how many kids does Whit have?!? None of them look like Philip Rivers, do they?
  13. 2018 Another crappy year, but the Bengals still managed to finish mid-pack in the Tier, buoyed by even crappier performances by the Broncos, Giants and Cards - the latter two of whom ended up getting relegated. 2019 sees the Stripes starting the year in the 7th (of 8 ) spots, marking them as pre-season favorites to get bumped out, especially with the Rams climbing into the Tier having earned promotion from T-3 with their league-best 13-3 record. The Chiefs end up claiming the overall championship, finishing alone atop T-1 at 12-4. The Clowns improve from 0-16 to 7-8-1, but they remain in the bottom Tier, missing promotion by 4.5 games. Tier-1 p12-4 - Kansas City (8) - Overall Champions p11-5 - New England (1) p10-6 - Dallas (13) p10-6 - Seattle (14) p9-7 - Philadelphia (4) 9-6-1 - Pittsburgh (2) 7-9 v Atlanta (9) - Relegated 6-9-1 v Green Bay (19) - Relegated Tier-2 p13-3 ^ New Orleans (5) - Tier Champion, Promoted p10-6 ^ Baltimore (16) - Promoted 8-7-1 - Minnesota (3) 6-10 - Detroit (15) 6-10 - Cincinnati (21) 6-10 - Denver (25) 5-11 v NY Giants (31) - Relegated 3-13 v Arizona (18) - Relegated Tier-3 p13-3 - LA Rams (7) - Tier Champion, Promoted p11-5 - Houston (29) - Promoted p10-6 - Indianapolis (30) 7-9 - Washington (20) 7-9 - Carolina (25) 6-10 - Buffalo (12) 5-11 - Jacksonville (10) - Relegated 4-12 - Oakland (22) - Relegated Tier-4 p12-4 - LA Chargers (17) - Tier Champion, Promoted p12-4 - Chicago (28) - Promoted 9-7 - Tennessee (11) 7-8-1 - Cleveland (32) 7-9 - Miami (23) 5-11 - Tampa Bay (26) 4-12 - San Francisco (24) 4-12 - NY Jets (27) - Dead Last The 2018 overall rankings (used for 2019 tiebreakers) would be: Overall: 1 p13-3 New Orleans (5) 2 p13-3 LA Rams (7) 3 p12-4 Kansas City (8) 4 p12-4 LA Chargers (17) 5 p12-4 Chicago (28) 6 p11-5 New England (1) 7 p11-5 Houston (29) 8 p10-6 Dallas (13) 9 p10-6 Seattle (14) 10 p10-6 Baltimore (16) 11 p10-6 Indianapolis (30) 12 p9-7 Philadelphia (4) 13 9-7 Tennessee (11) 14 9-6-1 Pittsburgh (2) 15 8-7-1 Minnesota (3) 16 7-8-1 Cleveland (32) 17 7-9 Atlanta (9) 18 7-9 Washington (20) 19 7-9 Miami (23) 20 7-9 Carolina (25) 21 6-9-1 Green Bay (19) 22 6-10 Buffalo (12) 23 6-10 Detroit (15) 24 6-10 Cincinnati (21) 25 6-10 Denver (25) 26 5-11 Jacksonville (10) 27 5-11 Tampa Bay (26) 28 5-11 NY Giants (31) 29 4-12 Oakland (22) 30 4-12 San Francisco (24) 31 4-12 NY Jets (27) 32 3-13 Arizona (18) And the 2019 alignment will be: T-1: NOS/01 KCC/03 NEP/06 DAL/08 SEA/09 BAL/10 PHI/12 PIT/14 T-2: LAR/02 HOU/07 MIN/15 ATL/17 GBP/21 DET/23 CIN/24 DEN/25 T-3: LAC/04 CHI/05 IND/11 WAS/18 CAR/20 BUF/22 NYG/28 ARI/32 T-4: TEN/13 CLE/16 MIA/19 JAX/26 TBB/27 OAK/29 SFF/30 NYJ/31

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