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  1. https://client01.chat.mibbit.com/ Choose a nick, room is #gobengals Also for some reason have to pick a server so click on the server link and put in irc.mibbit.net
  2. https://client01.chat.mibbit.com/ Enter username and channel is #bengals
  3. Just goes to show you God doesn't like sexual predators either.
  4. Wearing black the first 3 weeks of the season? Are these people insane?
  5. This is why they say it does no good to judge a draft before the third year. Some guys get it immediately, some guys it takes a year or two, some guys never get it. And there is no way to tell who is who .
  6. I'm still holding out hope they treat their all whites like Dallas treated theirs, as the default unis.
  7. From what I hear the layers don't like them. If you made the games after a teams bye I bet they'd like them a lot more.
  8. I'd be all in for the NFL making the Thursday games mandatory "Throwback Thursday" events (including the Thanksgiving games). It might actually lead to more viewership. On a side note, does anyone remember the first year (I think) of the alternate unis and the Dolphins played the J-E-T-S and they both wore their alternates? It was something to behold.
  9. Yeah, the new unis they rolled out wre a HUGE step backwards, even tho the won Super Bowls with them. Do "Da Bears" have a history of orange unis? I honestly have no idea. The Cardinals were the only team I thought actually improved their uniform looks when they updated them a few years ago (I thought the black looked great). I'll wait and see how they look with a black helmet.
  10. And don't forget what some colorblind @sshole did to the old Oilers (now Titans) unis, it hurts just looking at them.
  11. I think FS will be worse because I have a feeling Bates comes in with an attitude and/or misses training camp. The rest would be, as was said in the movie JFK, "Pickin' gnat shit outta pepper".
  12. I have no doubt about that this (and a whole lot worse) happens all the time with "untouchable" starts. What I'm talking about is the thinking that Watson will get punished and then never do this or something like it again. I don't think so. What should keep Goodell up at night is giving him a light sentence and telling him to "Go forth and sin no more". A couple months later Watson is caught again asking multiple physical therapists if the y want to play "My Ding-a-Ling" on the massage table. Wouldn't THAT be a shit storm.
  13. I (honestly) don't know if counseling would fix him. There is something wrong upstairs.
  14. He's a professional football player, WTF is he doing in a neighborhood like that? Grow your own baby, there are online seed banks all over.
  15. It's a suspected overdose from what I've seen on the Ravens boards. https://www.iheart.com/content/2022-06-23-ravens-linebacker-jaylon-fergusons-suspected-cause-of-death-revealed/ Not a board entry but an article.
  16. It'd be great if htey trotted out the original helmet every one in a while. Something they COULD do easily and keep would be to change the Bengals font on he jersey to the old school helmet font.
  17. Not to be to nit-picky, but didn't Jake Fisher have an undiagnosed heart problem that made him unable to play football at a high level? Ced, on the other hand, was a human turnstile.
  18. But will there be enough to sign everybody? Probably (most definately) not. I think what you have to do is what the Patriots did and convince players to take less money for a chance at a ring. That's a tough sell.
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