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I want a Joe Burrow OSU Jersey

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I need help. I have never bought a jersey in my life so I have no idea how to do this. I am obviously a Bengals fan but I go to 2-3 OSU games a year and am alum who has worked there for 12 years now. I am not a huge OSU football fan by any means so I think I want a white one that can be worn to potential Bengals games as well. Any ideas about where to look and how to get it sized right. I am super afraid I will be swimming in it or it will be too tight. 


This one looks pretty sweet but I don't trust the seller https://www.astorecare.com/products/ohio-state-buckeyes-10-joe-burrow-white-shadow-college-football-jersey-ncaa?variant=1000005630345699&gclid=Cj0KCQjwkIGKBhCxARIsAINMioJWkAyXRXLtvCaVZCWd62mc8a5kZS3Xjt1vEAW8BCv1zOQCgtPk-DIaAsuTEALw_wcB


Any tips jersey nuts. 

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It looks nice. 

One thing to remember—and I had this happen to me with purchasing Premier League knockoffs—be very careful as to sizing. 

I didn’t see manufacture country of origin on the website, only the “warehouse” in CA. I suspect the product is made in either China or Thailand—where a lot of knockoffs are made. 

The point is: there are so many manufacturers in these countries—especially China—no one manufacturer produces the same style as another…and sizes are particularly different.

I am a semi-hefty dude, and always have to have XL or greater. I bought a knockoff Liverpool Jersey several years ago in a XXL (it would have been styled after the base design by New Balance). “Real” NB products tend to run smaller in fit normally, so I figured a size higher would do the trick. When it arrived, it fit more like a medium, and that didn’t work obviously. I have to give it away to a fellow (much smaller) Liverpool fan. Oh, watch the return policies too—that can get frustrating. 

Appearance comes into play also—color scheme replication and such. This one won’t matter much I would suppose, as it is not being sold as “authentic”.

I should say, that I am referring to product knockoffs from the base manufacturer…e.g. Nike. They are not “real” Nike products, rather patterned after Nike. Some can actually look and fit like the “real thing”—I have two knockoff Bengal jerseys, and they are fine (although one can see the difference in appearance). Hence, the cost is significantly less than a “real” one

My $.02

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If you end up going with the site in the link you posted, let us know about the quality. I'm looking for some....lets say "cheaper"....alternatives to nflshop.com. If your jersey turns out to be good, I really want to get myself a white joe burrow new-stripes uni. I have a orange reebok AJ Green, and a black nike Burrow in the old style, def want to get my hands on a newer style jersey to complete the color trifecta

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