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International Series 2024

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The league is definitely dragging its feet about the schedule.  Traditionally the International games were announced before the rest of the schedule was released, with those special games typically shared on the 2nd wednesday of May.  That would've been a couple of days ago.  Reports are now that the ENTIRE schedule will be released next week at 8pm ET Wednesday 5/15. 


Y'all know who I think will be playing overseas already, but since we're on a new page I'll cut/paste them here:


Wembley: Current Browns at Jaguars
Spurs:  Rams at Bears / Texans at Vikings
Allianz (Munich): Bengals at Panthers
Sau Paulo Brazil: Packers at Eagles


Of course, Jags at Bears (Spurs) or Jets at Vikings (Wembley) would all make sense too.


A recent article I read (but for some reason can't find now) hinted that Jax may play back-to-back London games again this year.  If so, thej Jags at Bears (Spurs) would replace Rams at Bears.


In addition, the NFL announced back in February that Madrid will host a game in 2025.  Personally I would've preferred Barcelona, and considering that the NFL previously planted developmental teams via the WLAF in London, Frankfurt and Barcelona, I'm surprised they've ignored Cataluna (where they jump up and down, waiving their flags and stuff.)

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14 hours ago, jmckbengal said:

International game schedule will be released Wednesday at 7am on NFLN Good morning football 


"At 7:00" in the past has meant starting at 7. And then they stretch it out as long as they can.

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Well, shit.


If it's any consolation I guess I got two of the three London games indirectly right.  But I was really hoping to see Munich this fall.... oh, and the game there is gonna be on my birthday.  Isn't that great.



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Germany is going to be just fine: 


They had not one…but two teams (Dortmund and Bayern) in the Champions League final four. 


Now Dortmund in the FInal. 


(Champions League Final…the Super Bowl of Europe) 

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