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  1. I think you're overselling the "small school" angle just a bit on Temple. Temple won the AAC, which was at worst the #6 conference and had an argument to be #5 over the Big12 (Houston over Oklahoma for example). AAC has pumped out a decent amount of 1st rounders over the past few years (William Jackson, Byron Jones, Blake Bortles, Paxton Lynch, Breshad Perriman, etc.). For 2017, they had one less NFL combine invite than the B12 (18 to the B12's 19). It's definitely a step down from the SEC, B1G, but it's not like Temple was playing terrible competition and it's not really "small school." The AAC is solid and Temple has been fine against big time teams. They destroyed Penn State in 2015 and lost a close one at PSU last year. They lost to a pretty good Notre Dame team by just 4 points in 2015 too.
  2. The more I think about it and the more information comes out through the draft process, the more I like the idea of grabbing one of the top WRs at 9. Now that Solomon Thomas seems pretty locked in as a top 5 pick, I don't see much difference between the DEs likely available at 9 and the ones who should be there at 41. In fact, I might like some of the guys like JJ Watt who are being mocked in the 2nd even better than Barnett, Charlton, etc. Barnett and Charlton seem so boom/bust and are probably pretty big reaches at 9. Being able to get a solid starter like Kevin Minter in FA for a relatively cheap price shows how MLB is a non-premium position and if you're taking one in the top 10, he better check all the boxes. With all the off field stuff piling up on Foster (in addition to the lack of size, injury history, etc.), I don't see how you can pull the trigger. It's also not much of a need anymore. I like Reddick, but 9 is probably too high for him too. That leaves offense and I think the one position where you potentially get a lot of bang for your buck is WR. You're never going to get a guy like Ross in FA for less than $10M. If his medicals check out, he's a heck of an option and a guy who completely changes how opposing defenses have to scheme to stop you. I also like Corey Davis a lot, though I'd love to see him lay down a 4.50 or better if he can get healthy enough to run in the next month. Mike Williams is my least favorite of the top trio, but I wouldn't be mad if they took him either.
  3. I agree with 90% of this. Only minor disagreement is on Eifert and Howard. The top of the tight end market hasn't caught up to other positions with a lot of the top guys (Kelce, Ertz, Gronk, etc.) locked into slightly below market deals before they hit FA (in the $8-9M range). It means the franchise tag for tight ends has remained at about $9M while WR has sky-rocketed up to $15M. That makes it pretty easy to keep Eifert until 2019 and gives them some leverage for an extension if he has a good 2017. IMO, it's going to come down to DE or WR. All things being equal, I absolutely think they'd go DE. But I don't know if they are going to like any of these DEs enough and they might think they can get a comparable DE at 41. Which maybe leads back to WR where they can add the deep threat they clearly value
  4. He had shoulder surgery in early February with a 4-month recovery time. He's not going to be able to do any workouts or anything, which makes me a little bit nervous because everyone will be just guessing as to how athletic he really is. Not a deal-breaker, but if you're taking a non-premium position like MLB at #9 you want a guy who has checked all the boxes IMO.
  5. Don't like that pick at all. But I'm kind of at the point where there's not a single player likely to be available at 9 that I'm really excited about. After the top 5, it's a bunch of guys who would be mid-1st rounders in most other drafts. I wish we had 40 times for Reuben Foster and Corey Davis. Those two would be near the top of my wishlist in this scenario, but I'm very curious how fast they really are and don't like the idea of drafting a guy we don't have numbers on (like Ced Ogbuehi) and didn't get a chance to put through workouts.
  6. He had a concussion midway through last season (against Arkansas in October). Maybe he's had less issues since trying not to make every tackle with his head, but it's not like it stopped being an issue. Edit: He supposedly corrected the tackling problem before 2015, so Mayock's flat out wrong about concussions not being an issue anymore since he had one as a senior.
  7. Agree with this. I think they have Vigil slotted in as a part-time player at SLB and in some sub-packages. As of today, here are enough snaps leftover beyond Burfict/Vigil to make LB a major need. Signing Minter or Robinson would gobble most of those up and make LB depth more of a Day 3 need.
  8. Here's a link to all of the PFF prospect reports/rankings: https://www.profootballfocus.com/nfl-draft/ Interesting to see a little bit different scouting report on some of these guys with more in-depth focus on their college production. You can tell that they are higher on the more polished, productive guys (Derek Barnett, Jourdan Lewis, etc.) and not as high on some of the more raw but athletic types that NFL scouts often prefer.
  9. Hobson said yesterday he expects them to sign a LB. And today he sounded pretty positive about Kevin Minter. I bet the Bengals get Minter signed in the next few days. Minter's 26 and has pretty impressive PFF grades. He was 25th out of 87 starting LBers last year. And had the 8th best grade amongst LBers with 1000+ snaps.
  10. The PFF scouting report for Reddick: Name: Haason Reddick School: Temple Position fit: Played on the edge in college but may need to transition to more of an off-ball linebacker role at the next level. Pass-rushing ability should be utilized regardless of position name. Stats to know: Led all 3-4 OLBs (third among all FBS edge players) in pass-rush productivity from the left side (31 total pressures on 127 rushes with eight sacks). What he does best: Athleticism he showed at combine pops on film; explosive first step, changes directions in a flash. Extremely effective on stunts because of his athleticism. Despite tendency to over-pursue he does a good job of sniffing out plays from the backside when left uncovered. Can flatten out and turn the corner. Able to disengage from blockers at line of scrimmage because of his quick feet and willingness to initiate contact; size doesn’t appear to limit him against blocks. Consistently one of the first men moving at the snap, a sign of excellent instincts and anticipation. Second among all draft-eligible FBS 3-4 OLBs in run stop percentage despite 10 missed tackles against the run. Gave up receptions on just eight of 22 throws into his coverage in 2016 for a total of 99 yards allowed with no touchdowns against, one interception and two breakups. Shows off outstanding top speed when pursuing from the back side. Biggest concern: Struggles to break down, get square and tackle consistently. Missed 15 tackles on only 76 attempts in 2016 and missed 28 on 150 attempts over last three seasons. Overruns too many plays because of his aggressiveness and desire to penetrate into the backfield. Not nearly as productive when rushing from the right side; 11 pressures on 115 rushes. 54th out of 61 qualifying 3-4 OLBs in tackling efficiency. May lack the bulk to consistently hold up at the line of scrimmage against NFL tackles. Needs to learn a countermove for rushing the passer; large split in productivity between rushing off each edge likely explained by physical comfort level of bending the left side on speed rushes over the right. Player comparison: Jamie Collins, Cleveland Browns Similar to Reddick, Collins is an elite athlete capable of producing in all three phases of defense. Also like Reddick, tackling is Collins’ single biggest issue (50 combined misses in the past three seasons). Bottom line: Reddick is an explosive athlete that can consistently win the edge when rushing the passer, and has the physicality to get off blockers at all three levels. While teams will certainly want to take advantage of his pass-rush ability first, he also shows the instincts, speed and change of direction to help on coverage drops as well. Because of this, he is a scheme-independent player, and despite his frequent overrunning of plays, he warrants selection in the first round.
  11. I like all 3 of the top WRs (Davis, Williams and Ross) and wouldn't mind grabbing one of them at 9, though it's not my first choice. Gut feeling is that the Bengals will be looking for a WR more in the 3rd/4th round range though. Someone with legit 4.45 speed like Zay Jones, Chris Godwin or Josh Reynolds would be ideal.
  12. I think even Alabama fans would acknowledge they've had more busts than average. And they've had very few guys who have outplayed their draft position. You'd think with the huge number of guys they've had drafted, they'd have an equal number of guys who exceed expectations and guys who bust. Kareem Jackson fell down to 4th CB for the Texans last year and has 3 career interceptions going into his 7th season. He's not a bust, but he's yet another Bama guy who either barely met expectations or failed to live up to them.
  13. I feel like a broken record here, but our best Plan B at LT is Fisher. He's better than any of the draft options. He's spent time over there in the NFL and has the athleticism for it. But moving Fisher opens up a hole at RT (which Andre Smith could potentially fill). Moving Andre Smith opens up a hole at RG. Which a 2nd or 3rd round rookie could potentially fill... If we have a couple solid options for RT and RG, then we really only need one of our top 2015 picks to pan out at LT instead of hoping both are up to the task. And IMO Fisher gave a lot more signs of being capable than Ogbuehi did.
  14. Agree on Ramczyk over Bolles, but I think both are in no-man's land for the Bengals. Major reach at 9, but probably go off the board before 41. The guy to keep an eye on is probably Taylor Moton. Duke Tobin and Paul Alexander spent a ton of time with him at his pro day today and he's one of the OL most likely to be on the board at 41 with a solid 2nd round grade. Here's Moton's NFL.com scouting report: OVERVIEW The Broncos brought aboard Moton after he was named a first-team all-Michigan pick as a high school senior. He redshirted in 2012, but started every game over the past four years for WMU. Moton lined up at right tackle for all 25 games of the 2013 and 2014 seasons. He moved to right guard in 2015, receiving enough votes from MAC coaches to be named third-team all-conference. Moton moved back to the right tackle spot as a senior, earning first-team All-MAC and multiple All-American honors in helping the Broncos "row the boat" to a MAC championship. ANALYSIS STRENGTHS Big off the bus. Massive frame with good arm thickness and proportional build in his legs. Plus arm length with big hands. Starting experience at right guard and tackle. Comes off the ball with pad level. Makes concerted effort to drop hips and roll under his target at contact. Has dominant drive-blocking potential. His down blocks turn into steam-rollings. Coordinates hips and hands for maximum pop through point of contact as run blocker. Held his own against Ohio State in 2015 and smothered Illinois DE Dawuane Smoot this season. A bear with strong paws. Plays tend to end for defender once he latches on. Functional climbing to second-level target. Bull rushers won’t bully him very often. WEAKNESSES Will need to play with quicker hands into punch as guard. Looping, wide approach with hands toward target could open his chest to defenders. Footwork needs plenty of work. Needs choppier feet. Waist bending in run game needs correction. Content to make blocks at angles that need to be squared up. Lateral and move blocks feature inconsistent base width. Issues coming to balance before contact if block isn't right in front of him. Average body control and athleticism. Will be limited to primarily power-based schemes. Has issues with oversetting in pass pro. Can be fooled by twists. SOURCES TELL US "I had to go back and watch his 2015 tape when he played guard. He was a little rough at tackle this year but that isn't his spot. Big and strong as a guard. He was moving guys from Ohio State around like it was nothing." -- Area scout for NFC team NFL COMPARISON Zach Fulton BOTTOM LINE Four-year starter for ascending Western Michigan program. Size and potential to dominate at the point of attack with pure power should make him a coveted right guard prospect. He can be a little stiff in his movements and his footwork needs plenty of work, but he's functional in both areas. Might need additional work before he is ready to take on the wily, athletic defensive tackles in the NFL, but his physical traits and power give him a chance to become a reliable NFL starter.
  15. The top few RGs got $9-12M in FA this past year. Even Andre Smith fresh off of a 4-game season got $4.5M to come in and compete at RG. It's just not as cheap as you think and OL salaries are up across the board. It's not easy to find a starting caliber OG on the third day either, or these guys wouldn't be getting paid like this in FA, other teams would just fill their holes with late picks. We drafted Christian Westerman in the 5th last year for example and it doesn't seem like they think he's a starter-caliber guy after seeing him for a year. Sometimes those later picks hit (Clint Boling was an early 4th) but more often they don't. As for versatility, I do think that the potential options at 41 have positional versatility. Forrest Lamp, Cam Robinson, Dan Feeney, Patrick Elflein, and Dorian Johnson look like the realistic options. A couple of them will probably be gone but at least two of those guys should be there. Some of them could potentially play tackle and others could potentially play Center. With the versatility of guys like Smith and Fisher, getting a starting caliber OG early in the draft is probably the easiest way to put together a decent line if Ogbuehi falls on his face again. If Ced still sucks, you would have: LT-Fisher LG-Boling C-Bodine RG- Rookie 2nd rounder RT-A. Smith