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  1. So they can talk about how tough he is for playing through injury. It's only a bruised vag.
  2. Drinking game: You have to drink every time they mention him or show him on the sideline.
  3. Is he referring to the stealers or bengals since he was last with the stealers?
  4. Not really. There were plenty of miserable seasons during the Paul Brown era. And as many Super Bowl wins.
  5. We know who will win worst thread every week if this continues all season.
  6. For rebuilding, it's about normal. With all of the turnover in the last 2 off-seasons, we should start to see some fruit this season. A .500 season, give or take, then onward from there.
  7. QB is only one position. Our record wouldn't have been much different with 16 games of Burrow. This season will hinge on the play calling, a better OL and a much better defense, but a more experienced Burrow will obviously help. And if the unspeakable happens again, Allen will be in a much better position with the tools around him and a better defense. I think he is solid as a backup.
  8. I'm sure I'm not the only one that was wondering how many of those viking OL penalties would've been called on the stealers. And undersexed grizzly bear is comic gold.
  9. Good - Dalvin Cook-61 yards rushing. 67 total for vikes.
  10. All this talk about Burrow, is nobody else excited about how much potential this defense has? A lot of new veterans to gel, but once they get cohesive, they could push top 10. And that would help Burrow and the offense.
  11. Right. And we're only barely behind Buffalo, who is supposed to have one of the top fan bases. Why would anybody be surprised that we're anywhere near the bottom when we're a small market. Also, I thought everybody was complaining about Mike Brown making too much money. Now he doesn't make enough? The "fans" here love to post anything they dig up that they think makes the team look bad. Like we don't get enough of that daily from the media. I really think that some members here think that Mike Brown reads these posts and they can guilt him in to stepping down. Even though it is obvious that he already has as far as football operations. Or he miraculously decided to start spending a lot of money in FA the last 2 years.
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