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  1. WTF back. If they pick Chase Young, they will suck more? The statistic isn't stupid, it's quite telling. People here are making ridiculous statements like Burrow will make the OL better and the OL won't get him killed. Rationalizing because they want the most exciting pick. Let's talk in a year or two and I can tell you I told you so.
  2. Hopefully they don't pick Burrow. 2 Heisman QBs have won a SB. Only a couple more have played in one. Out of 24? At least half of them were flat out busts. It probably has to do with the bad teams that picked first in the draft that weren't ready for a rookie QB. And unfortunately, the Bengals will be the next to fall into that trap if they succomb to the pressure from all of the talking heads and draft "experts". There seems to be a rule that a QB has to be the first pick. But to play along with the thread topic, it should be Dalton unless they get a really good trade offer for him.
  3. They'll be idiots if they pick him and he's a total bust at the NFL level. Which would be just dandy for the bengal hating sports pundits since they will say it's obviously be the Bengals' fault. Everybody is jacking off over the shiny new toy while our defense needs a lot of help and the OL isn't ready for a new franchise QB. It sucks that they don't have a choice with this pick. Let's talk in a couple of years when we're looking for a new QB.
  4. And it's refreshing to have yet another Burrow thread.
  5. And again, no mention of the team not committed to winning going to the playoffs 5 straight years after Palmer and his wife left.
  6. Good reading comprehension. Focus on one of the three sentences and ignore the rest. Maybe the post was too long. My bad.
  7. True. I just hope that the bengals have a solid plan. People act like Burrow is the only option and if they don't get him for whatever reason, we're doomed. I don't know if he's the answer, I just hope the bengals have the answer. I'm annoyed that another option beside Burrow is not even discussed.
  8. That's silly. He's not remotely saying that. Nobody is saying that. People are acting like it's been all shit over the last 30 years since there's been no playoff wins. OU was arguing that it hasn't and that the bengals don't care about winning is ridiculous. And he's right. If the number of playoff wins determine a team's commitment to winning, then half of the teams don't give a shit.
  9. Playoff wins don't mean shit. Super bowl is the bottom line and two thirds of the teams haven't gone in decades. Do you think the chiefs fans have reveled in their handful of playoff wins over the last 50 years?
  10. This. I stopped hating them when all of the players and coaches from those 2 Super Bowls were gone.
  11. That's really fucking stupid. And indeed, lazy. To say that any team is not committed to winning. KC is finally going to it's first Super Bowl in 50 years. I guess they finally decided to commit to winning. Like the several other teams that haven't been to the Super Bowl in decades or ever. It's easy and lazy to pile on the organization. They were contenders for 5 years straight. How was not winning any of those games Mike Brown's fault. I'm guessing that here comes the bullshit where he wanted them to do well enough to get people in the seats, but didn't care if they did better than that. Yes, people have actually said that.
  12. When you see it's from yahoo sports, you should know that it's going to be shit. I read to the point where Palmer, or his wife, said that the bengals weren't committed to winning. I didn't read any more, but I'm guessing that they never pointed out that they went to the playoffs the next five seasons after he left.
  13. I would rather have two picks in the first round than Burrow. A good servicable QB and a defensive player. I hate that the bengals are pressured into picking Burrow or will never hear the end of it. If they do pick him and he sucks at the NFL level. They will blame the Bengals.
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