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  1. You can say culture 20 more times, but players want to win regardless of who they're playing for. An org doesn't need to create that attitude. They need to put the pieces together to create wins. You can't compare a sports team to other corporations. A google employee isn't performing for thousands of people. A professional athlete is a different animal. They are driven to succeed. Kraft has a history of winning because he continuously hires good coaches and personnel and makes good decisions. They don't win just because they won before.
  2. Not that it matters, but the dolphins are the worst and are still unloading their good players, so that rank is safe. Also, the chargers had a couple of good seasons in an empty stadium. I don't think that matters.
  3. Not to mention having a 2nd, then 3rd string QB playing, so the D can stuff the box.
  4. I never bought into that culture BS. That puts it on the players like they don't want to win or don't know how. Every player in the NFL is familiar with winning in their football career. It comes down to the coaches and org creating a team that's consistently better than the other teams.
  5. P-Dork is the last thing I need to read right now. He is probably still giddy from the loss.
  6. Reading comments is pure torture. Probably hundreds of people that make Bengals55555555555 look like a genius.
  7. I don't think an owner can talk to a player on another team.
  8. It's amazingly sad that they went to bat with this LB corps that wouldn't play anywhere else. Just like last year, good OCs will shred the middle of the field no matter what defensive strategy Lou rolls out there.
  9. I love Mixon, but that's stupid and really childish. Embarrassed himself badly.
  10. It won't. 83 high. It is cool and awesome out so far. It will be great weather for the fans. A little warm on the field for the players, but cooler than what they've been practicing in this week. That's all from meteorologist Hooky. Enjoy the game!
  11. He probably wouldn't have even played week 1 due to suspension if he was still here.
  12. The offense is Taylor made. DIE HOBSON!!!! DIE!!!!!!
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