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Die Penguins!

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Halak was an absolute wall in that series.

Montreal's style is fugly to watch, but effective. Defensively, they collapsed all five of their guys down low on the premise that Halak can handle the initial shot, and the other guys can clean up all of the rebounds to prevent legitimate scoring chances.

Unfortunately for them, hot goaltenders rarely stay that way for the entirety of the playoffs (see Varlamov for the Caps last year). Also, they have a real matchup problem with Philly coming in. Philly is big enough and physical enough that they won't be easily pushed out from the front of the net, and will have a better chance at converting some of those rebounds.
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Great thread. The loss was great because it's Shittsburgh, people will stop talking about Cindy Crosby. The people that have only watched hockey for a couple years just because of all the hype around Cindy, including people from Pittsburgh that just realized that they have a hockey team, will go away. And lastly, I have been a Flyers fan for 20+ years, so all rejoice that the Penguins - DEAD. Devils - Dead, Red Wings - Dead!!! Go Flyers
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I was reading the thread thinking it was from this year until you posted the TB update. I don't think I can name 10 hockey teams.

Columbus Blue Jackets
Detroit Red Wings
Philly Flyers
Pitt Penguins
TB Lightning
Florida Panthers
New York Rangers
Montreal Canadians?
Calgary Flames
Minnesota Wild?

I think that's it. Definitely all I know... and I'm not even sure a couple of those are real.

Oh yeah... NJ Devils
Sacramento Kings

It's all coming back, it's all coming back to me nooooooowwww
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^bump for 2012 update

Flyers 5, Penguins 1
Flyers win Eastern Conference quarters 4-2


The Flyers are all thugs and hardly qualify as a force for goodness, but any Pittsburgh loss is a good loss!

Die, Penguins! Die!
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