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What up Bengal fans? Looks like we could be playing each other for a while

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You'll get no sympathy here for calls against the stealers. You fuckers have been the darlings of the officials for years! Your offensive line tackles the D-line on nearly every play and hardly ever gets called. It's a fucking travesty how the refs favor the stealers. The only exception is when you play the patriots. Then THEY get all the calls.
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If things work out we may be meeting you all the next two weeks with one for all the marbles. Should be fun. glad to be back in the dance.
Wanted to see if you all saw this insane call today. Gay was called for taunting his own player. I mean WHAT THE FUCK.

The refs spent the rest of the game making up for it, but I'm sure you're blind to that.
Now crawl back in your hole (by hole I mean your moms dirty ass) and die.
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For what it's worth.

Warren Sharp ‏@SharpFootball
Tms who play Wk 16 on MNF & play next Sun on the road wk 17 as a dog of >1 pt?

0 wins
9 losses
1-8 ATS



Love these stupid stats.


That's like me saying;


I am 0-100 in getting laid by my girlfriend when she is home for less than 5 minutes from work, has a headache and is on her period. You would think I never get laid if someone just threw up THAT stat.

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After last nights win I ran some scenarios in the playoff machine, I dont see where we will be playing each other in the playoffs unless we both make it to the AFCC. I may be wrong though you're more than welcome to show me that Bam.



Don't encourage him Jamie, he smells up the place and we do have standards around here...I mean the standards aren't high, but we DO have them.

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