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2022 Season


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2 hours ago, Jamie_B said:

A little bit into it but I'm starting the thread with an MLB Broken Record


Hunter Green just broke the record for most 100+ mph balls thrown in a single game, he hit 39



Nolan Ryan stuff..😎

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13 minutes ago, claptonrocks said:

Nick Lodolo had a goid outing against the Dodgers .

Greene and Lodolo could become a top duo..

With Castillo healthy and Mahle being a decent 4th starter they may keep the team in alot of games thus year.




Hope so because the start of this season has been a mess

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After what Castellini said I kind of lost interest. Not sure how you can spin letting Miley go for nothing as having a plan. What process are they following? I have never been happy when they have a losing streak, but right now, because of the ownership, I just about can't get myself to care.

I have not been a fan of their front office, the way they bring their family and friends into it. Why not go out and find a GM that has some baseball experience or expertise. Do they not want to pay for that?

One of the best things a team can have in the clubhouse is veteran leadership, I saw that back in 99 with Greg Vaughn and in 2000 with Dante Bichette. But it has to be the right guy, and as much as I like Votto, he doesn't seem to have the same pull as those guys did. Maybe he will yet....

Oh well, there is always next year..😎


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