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Game Thread: Bengals at Giants Pre-season game 2 - 8/21/22

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21 minutes ago, dex said:

Feel like there are only 2 starter jobs genuinely up for grabs. Drue Chrisman and Cordell Volson could seize control of both if they play well tonight.

that feels right to me as well. 

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What I want to see tonight: 


- NO INJURIES (always the top priority in preseason)

- Shooter blasting 50+ yarders with ease like normal 

- Volson solidify his starting LG spot

- Tyler Shelvin prove he's the #2 NT

- Dax show fluidity of movement and command of formations

- Zach Carter and Gunter both get a sack

- Thad Moss make a deep catch across the middle

- Stanley Morgan get a splash TD (need that #4 WR to emerge)

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3 minutes ago, membengal said:
LT - Hakeem Adeniji
LG - Cordell Volson
C - Trey Hill
RG - Lamont Gaillard
RT - D’Ante Smith


Volson to me is the best of these 5 already (with 0 games).  #TeamVolson 


... But not sure if that is more worrying than good. 

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54 minutes ago, membengal said:




I imagine that conversation went something like this....


Joe - Hi, I'm Joe

Wink - Joe, good to finally meet you face to face.

Joe - Jacket size is 42.......bitch

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