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How Bengals compare vs. AFC North in terms of rest on schedule

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Chris Roling
Fri, May 24, 2024, 6:43 PM CDT·1 min read


The Cincinnati Bengals suffering a setback when it comes to measured “rest” on the 2024 NFL schedule has already been pretty well examined by this point.


What’s interesting, though, is seeing how the Bengals compare in this area to some of their AFC North rivals.


That’s especially the case when, as pointed out by Warren Sharp, the Baltimore Ravens rank better than the rest of the league in this metric.


While those Ravens stand at +16 in the metric, the Bengals are all the way down the board at minus-two.


Pittsburgh and Cleveland are between the two extremes at +2.

A look at the rankings:



NFL 2024 Net Rest Edges

net rest = total days of extra rest vs a team's opponents over the course of the season
+16: BAL
+12: NE, MIN, PHI
+8: GB
+7: HOU
+6: TEN
+4: JAX
+3: CAR
0: LV, NYG
-1: DET, LAR
-7: TB
-8: MIA
-10: NO, LAC
-13: SEA
-17: IND, DEN
-21: SF
(positive net rest is good, negative is bad)


The unique challenges the NFL has presented the Bengals with the schedule doesn’t mean the season is a concerning one by any means, but it is worth examining at this point of the offseason.



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this is big talk in the NBA, atleast with hardcore fans. even miles flown in the season, like the nuggets have a division foe in Minnesota, and portland, so they are always high on travel, id imagine the cowboys top this list in miles for the nfl being in a division completely on the east coast from texas. it doesnt matter as much in the nba as the division title doesnt mean much. 


and in the nba (sorry to go off track) but number of back to back games is always skewwed a lot, nuggets have had the most in the league a few times, the average win percentage drops in half on a back to back night vs a non  back to back night.


are there stats for short week TNF games win percentages vs standard S/M games? then even MNF to sunday vs sun to sun games?


would be interesting. i heard a few analysts talking bengals chedule, they have 2 short weeks i think then two long ones, and they were like "well that events it out so thats fair for them" like no it does,t you cant magically take health and rest from a long week and preparation, and apply it to a short week to offset it. the media is fucking stupid sometimes..


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The fact that there is a 37-day difference between the Ravens (+16) and 49ers (-21) is outrageous.


If I were San Francisco, I would be demanding an adjustment. 


Luckily, even though LamaRB gets an extra 2 weeks of freshness against his opponents this year, Burrow can still overcome that. 

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They could help a lot if they would what I suggest, make the Thursday games come after your bye week. Off 10 days, game, off 10 days. Everybody wins. 


Plus mandatory throwbacks. :ninja: 

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3 hours ago, gupps said:

They could help a lot if they would what I suggest, make the Thursday games come after your bye week. Off 10 days, game, off 10 days. Everybody wins. 


Plus mandatory throwbacks. :ninja: 


That would be the next best thing to dumping Thursday games entirely. They're always a shitshow. Leave that mess to the preseason.

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I’m not a fan of Thursday games at all, but the league doesn’t want to give up the revenue so they’re here to stay.  I do agree that giving teams more flexibility to play Thursday after a bye would help, although there are more than two teams on bye most weeks so it’s not a perfect solution.  

The net rest day comparison is interesting.  Baltimore has the most favorable situation in the league while the Bengals are at least closer to the other two teams in the division.  I don’t know how much of an advantage it will end up being.  As an example, KC has a +5 net number, but three of those days are a result of their Week 2 game against the Bengals.  The Chiefs play Thursday night to open the season while the Bengals play on Sunday Week 1.  Week 2 won’t be a short week for us so even if the Chiefs get 3 extra days I don’t see it making a huge difference that early in the year.

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