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  1. Good starting list, I'd change a few things for my own preferences. C: Johnny Bench 1B: Pete Rose (not old enough to remember him on 3rd but am old enough to remember him on 1st) 2B: Brandon Phillips SS: Barry Larkin/Dave Concepcion 3B: Chris Sabo/Buddy Bell LF: Deion Sanders CF: Eric Davis/ Griffey Jr RF: Paul O'Neil P: Jonny Cueto, the Nasty boys, and Jose Rijo
  2. If Whit goes elsewhere I won't completely hate it if we take an OT....it will be an admission that they don't believe Ced can do it, but if that is the case you have to protect Andy.
  3. I don't think its a good idea to make a cut unless you already have a guy in place to take that person's spot.
  4. The other part of this is Whit isnt saying he doesnt want to be here, he said he wants to play for a contender, he could be using his leverage to push the team to sign some guys that will help put them on that level.
  5. Yeah you can't lose both Whit and Zeitler. But if Whit leaves I think we're all going to be nervous as hell about the LT position.
  6. Agreed about Chad. Still disappointed they didn't retire him as a Bengal.
  7. Good
  8. And I imagine he can't come back while on Designated Survivor. So no more Jack Bauer unless Sutherland's show gets canceled.
  9. I've also seen Mike Willams, Rubin Foster (and Casserly has us taking Tim Willams)
  10. The "media mock draft" on Bengals.com also has us taking Barnett http://www.bengals.com/media-lounge/photo-gallery/Bengalscom-Media-Mock-Draft-10/0ce9582d-72c4-4728-849a-655c189fdb2b#d62d7778-b242-4598-83de-0fbc54f5d819
  11. Michael Flynn just resigned.