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  1. I'm sure many of you knew who Onyx was on here, some may not. His real name was Jason Holland. He and I became really close friends through this website. I would go so far as saying he was like a brother. At 1pm (ish) he was lost to Post-Covid Sepsis. He got Covid a few weeks ago but in he hospital as of last Saturday he tested negative but got Sepsis from it. He didn't make it. It was like he knew, one of the last things he said to me was that he wasn't gonna get to see Joe Burrow play, he was so exited for him, he believed he was gonna take us the playoffs this year
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  2. You know what? Eat two dicks.
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  3. After his entire career in Cincinnati It's going to be weird seeing him on another team's injury report.
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  4. This is how I picture things going down... Somewhere in the Bengals "War Room" (aka Mikey's Garage): Duke Tobin: We have no starting offensive guards, Jonah has only played 10 games in two years, Trey has a blown out ACL and we've only signed Reiff for one season! Mike Brown: Weeeeeeeee! Weeeeeeee!!! Zac Taylor: Sir, can you stop spinning around in your chair so we can discuss the draft? MB: Ja'Marr Chase it is!! And for fuck sakes Zac stop leaning against the damn Lumina! You're going to scuff her up!! DT: But, Mike, didn
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