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  1. I'm sure many of you knew who Onyx was on here, some may not. His real name was Jason Holland. He and I became really close friends through this website. I would go so far as saying he was like a brother. At 1pm (ish) he was lost to Post-Covid Sepsis. He got Covid a few weeks ago but in he hospital as of last Saturday he tested negative but got Sepsis from it. He didn't make it. It was like he knew, one of the last things he said to me was that he wasn't gonna get to see Joe Burrow play, he was so exited for him, he believed he was gonna take us the playoffs this year. I am going to miss him every single day for the rest of my life. Nobody could be silly and have a quick witted sense of humor like he did. I told him in tribute that he was one of the friends that I was going to ask to be a groomsman if I ever got married. Rest in Power my friend Onyx, Jason, my brother. I love you and will miss you every single day.
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  2. It looked like Taylor played through a concussion
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  3. You know what? Eat two dicks.
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  4. After his entire career in Cincinnati It's going to be weird seeing him on another team's injury report.
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  5. This is how I picture things going down... Somewhere in the Bengals "War Room" (aka Mikey's Garage): Duke Tobin: We have no starting offensive guards, Jonah has only played 10 games in two years, Trey has a blown out ACL and we've only signed Reiff for one season! Mike Brown: Weeeeeeeee! Weeeeeeee!!! Zac Taylor: Sir, can you stop spinning around in your chair so we can discuss the draft? MB: Ja'Marr Chase it is!! And for fuck sakes Zac stop leaning against the damn Lumina! You're going to scuff her up!! DT: But, Mike, didn't you hear what I said?!? MB: Mikey like wingy! ZT: I talked to Joe today and he said he wouldn't mind playing more than nine and a half games this season. He also said he loves me. MB: Elizabeth, show them the new jerseys again! Chase is going to sell a boatload of these bad boys for us. Elizabeth Blackburn: Pappy, we've got all kinds of people who've already pre-paid for their Chase jerseys! Jason, Spicoli, Membengal and Jamie have already left their credit card numbers with us. They didn't even ask how much they cost! I will SnapFaceGram them later and let them know their orders are on their way! Katie Blackburn: Daddy, maybe we should really think about some substance instead of flash. Joe's jersey sales took a hit when he went out for the season. MB: Now Pumpkin, we know these guys will continue to follow no matter what. Feed them Ferraris and they don't even mind that we haven't won a playoff game in 30 years! DT: Folks, we finished dead last in sacks last year, our run game couldn't get going and Joe got nuked, is WR really the way to go in the first? I'm thinking there's going to be be plenty of guys who can play Z in the 3rd to 5th rounds. Maybe we can bolster the lines in the early rounds. MB: I like that Hocker guy. Hocker! That's a funny name. It's fun to say! Hocker! Say it with me...HOCKER! He can play OG next season, we are good. Take him in the 4th! EB: Selfie time!! KB: Troy, wake the hell up! MB: Guys look...this guy's name is Loudermilk! That's an awesome name. Let's take him in the 3rd round! Geoff, start writing the puff piece. Let the sheep know this guy sacked a QB three times in a game in high school. They'll eat it up. LOUDERMILK! Geoff Hobson: LOUDERMILK! DT: Why the hell do I work here? ZT: Because you can be completely inept at your job and still remain employed as long as we sell lots of jerseys. DT: Oh yeah! Ja'Mar Chase it is! ZT: Let's high five! Bengals hand in their draft card. Somewhere, Joe Burrow sheds a tear as the Bengals Pro Shop opens.
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