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    Since you left quit on the team, we have won 30 games, made 3 straight playoffs, and got Dre Kirkpatrick and Gio Bernard.   We could not have done it with you!   And for the 3rd year in a row you sit at home and watch.
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    Burfict is the Monster we should Love by BlackJesus January 12, 2016 - Those arguing that Vontaze Burfict should be cut are insane. He is the BEST LB in the entire NFL. I would even go further and argue he is actually the best player on defense in the entire NFL, and that he is clearly the most physically talented player on the entire Bengals team (AJ, Atkins etc included). He is a heat-seeking missile in the shape of a man. A ball of fire with a helmet on and the heart of the entire Bengals defense. He is exactly the kind of player that the Bengals never had during the dark decade, and is exactly the type of player the Ravens and Steelers covet so much and have won multiple Super Bowls with. If you wanted to create an NFL LB in a lab, the ideal would be Burfict. - Make no mistake, the bullshit 3 game suspension isn’t even connected to the Antonio Brown Ginobli flop on a hit Burfict shouldn’t have even been flagged for. If the Stealers didn’t get down into FG range, the refs were instructed to do all they could to help. No, the suspension on Burfict is an attempt to: (a) Demonize and stigmatize Burfict’s amazing play into the future and handicap the Bengals' ability to utilize him into the playoffs every year (right now the small market Bengals keep taking one of those coveted 12 slots from a larger more financially rewarding market). Most of his flags come off of undeserved reputation and crowd reaction, not the actual offense. (b) Attempt to stifle and stunt some of that junkyard dog killer spirit that Burfict has which makes him so dominant. They want to make him a player who thinks twice before making plays, as his greatest asset is his ability to sense what is happening and instinctually react. They are trying to “re-train” him in the way you would an attack dog to be more docile, but what makes him so great for the Bengals is the fact that he doesn’t sit and think about his next movement, he is just guided to it out of instinct. He becomes “possessed” in key moments, and makes plays as if something else is steering him to the football—that is a very special trait that most football players do not have. Very few players have that rare ability … Ray Lewis, Lawrence Taylor, Dick Butkus, Mike Singletary, etc --- and they were all nasty head hunters who are celebrated as what makes the NFL so great. The height of historical NFL masculinity. (c) The NFL is also trying to assuage the gripes and complaints from a large Steeler fan base, many of which are rural ‘blue-collar’ half-literate fuckwits and like spoiled children who are used to the breaks and rules always going their way. They believe they are supposed to be the intimidators of the NFL, the new NWA-rapping new-age“Raiders” and then all of the sudden this ‘monster’ Burfict has the nerve to show up and brutalize their players in the way they have historically always done to someone else. They hate him because he is everything they used to be and wish they still were. If he was on the Stealers the NFL Network would be running specials on how Burfict was the next Ray Lewis nearly every day. * There are also some racial undertones at play here. If Burfict was a white guy ala Kuechly or Urlacher then those same hits would be seen as “awesome” by most of the NFL fan base. But because he is a snarling tatted-up unapologetic inarticulate black man who doesn’t give a shit what the media thinks of him … then he is branded an out of control “thug” and “hooligan” who is besmirching the reputation of the NFL and ruining the marketability of the game for families. These are exactly the kind of hits that NFL films made millions off of for decades when it was mainly white linebackers in the 60’s and 70’s crushing guys with blood dripping down their broken noses. I just keep it real, and realize that Burfict is everything that middle-class white America fears “black thugs” are … a crass low-vocabulary high-achieving don’t give a fuck nappy-headed ashy-elbow nawka with amazing talent, who is rewarded with wealth many of them could only dream of for his natural abilities. He plays a violent game better than everyone else does and enacts violence in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable because he isn’t some market-driven house negro cheesing for the camera holding up Gillette razors after every hit and giving lip service to “protecting the shield massa”. - Burfict deserves 0 blame for the loss on Saturday night, and I was there in the rain watching myself. He is the main reason the Bengals even had a chance. He single handedly took a timid and scared team in the fourth quarter and awoken the fire in them and almost willed them to victory through his passion and amazing play. He took out Rapistberger, made what should have been the game winning int etc and the personal foul on him was a bullshit call that shouldn’t have even been a penalty. He deserves an apology from the NFL not a suspension and he deserves Bengals fans to have his back and go out and buy more of his jerseys to make up for these bullshit NFL fines. I am seeing some Bengals fans victim-blaming the team, the coaches or players like Burfict or Jones for that NFL-orchestrated travesty on Saturday night! Fuck you. None of the Bengals are to blame for that horseshit! It’s like blaming a woman for wearing a mini skirt after Big Ben rapes her, the Bengals did nothing wrong, they were wronged themselves. I wouldn’t want Burfict on any other team and he’s my favorite player and will always be from this day forward. If you want to show someone what a football player looks like, pull up a highlight reel of Burfict, nature/god only makes one like him every decade or so, and were lucky to have him on our team.
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    Enjoyed watching the Bengals beat the Patriots last Sunday. Loved watching the Golden Boy go down and being held to no TD passes. Hope Cincinatti can continue their success the rest of the season. Also tip my hat off to you guys on your victory over us two weeks ago. That was a thriller of a game if you weren't a fan of either team. Stunk that we lost but the Bengals are one of few teams I don't mind losing to. Good luck and hope you represent the AFC in the super bowl.
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    As a new guy to the board, thanks for setting up a thread that shows me exactly who is and isn't worth paying attention to. How awful that we have to scrape by with the second best QB in football right now. How awful that we have a guy who only managed to make it to the playoffs in his first four seasons after inheriting a dumpster fire of a team that golden boy Palmer fucking quit on. God forbid you actually root for your team. I get that you're all still PTSD from the Klingler/Akili/Carson years, but don't let your horrible ex girlfriends taint your current relationship. You're afraid that if you believe, you'll get hurt. You're like a guy who's had his last few girlfriends cheat on him... You're afraid to give your heart away, and on some level you're rooting for him to fail just so you can be "right". You're waiting for that day when you can say "See, I told you Andy Dalton sucked" right before you go eat a half-gallon of Hagen-Daas and go have a good cry with your pictures of Boomer. "He's the only one who ever truly loved me..." *Sniff* *SNIFF* I feel sorry for you. The armor we put around our heart to protect us from pain also keeps out joy. By living out your bad relationships, you're just prolonging your agony. http://www.lovepanky.com/flirting-flings/dating-game/how-to-love-again How to love again after being hurt While this may sound like a consolation, this really isn’t. It’s the truth. Life is unpredictable and doesn’t always plan out just like you wanted or expected. Learn to deal with the losses and cherish the happy experiences, and learn from your experiences. Don’t give up on love because of a broken heart or because you think it’ll cause you pain. Bad relationships cause pain, not love. Remember that. A break up is like a doorway into another relationship. How long it takes you to open that door is up to you. But at some point, you have to brace yourself and open that door and meet someone else. If you can’t find love in your own life, stop trying to make yourself feel better by telling everyone else that love doesn’t exist, because it does.
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    Go is just a symbol, a mascot for the legions of other Dalton haters who've been mostly mum on their QBs performance thus far this season, which, by any account -- historical, comparative, etc. -- has been sensational. Forget the Andy is terrible narrative, or the Dalton is an 80 something QB, or even Dalton is just above average. Dalton is playing at a level that in most years would have him sitting atop of the statistical heap. He's sitting at 2nd or 3rd now, because the two best QBs to ever play the game (and who have oodles more experience) are having their own historically dominant performances. Think about that, Dalton is running neck and neck with Brady and Rogers who are having their best seasons ever. We should popping corks and patting each other on the backs, celebrating the fact that, despite their chorus of doubts and boos, the ownership/management of this team has patiently stuck to their guns and allowed their QB to grow and mature with their support. Hell, even those who shit all over Dalton for years ought to take part and savor the moment. We are 4-0, not despite our QB, but because of him. Rejoice and love your team. We're looking at a once in a lifetime opportunity here...unless, of course, Dalton does what he's always done, and continues to get better. I suspect that will be the case, and I hope that, for many, they'll eventually decide to loosen up and enjoy the team they claim to love.
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    [center][size=5][b][font=Book Antiqua][size=6][size=7][size=8][color=#ff8c00]T[/color][/size]hroughout the ages there is a powerful force that arises at times to set the world right [color=#ff8c00]…[/color] [color=#ff8c00][size=8]T[/size][/color]hroughout history there are heroic individuals who always seem to show up in times of peril [color=#ff8c00]…[/color] [color=#ff8c00][size=8]T[/size][/color]hroughout our past there has always been a man who inspires us all to greatness [color=#ff8c00]...[/color] [color=#ff8c00]...[/color] that force, that individual, and that man [color=#ff8c00]...[/color] is[/size][/size] [size=8][color=darkorange]Andy Dalton[/color][/size][/font][/b][/size] [url="http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j318/Tredcrow/2011/x12.jpg"][img]http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j318/Tredcrow/2011/x12.jpg[/img][/url] [url="http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j318/Tredcrow/2011/x13.jpg"][img]http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j318/Tredcrow/2011/x13.jpg[/img][/url] [url="http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j318/Tredcrow/2011/x8.jpg"][img]http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j318/Tredcrow/2011/x8.jpg[/img][/url] [url="http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j318/Tredcrow/2011/x10.jpg"][img]http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j318/Tredcrow/2011/x10.jpg[/img][/url] [url="http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j318/Tredcrow/2011/x11.jpg"][img]http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j318/Tredcrow/2011/x11.jpg[/img][/url] [url="http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j318/Tredcrow/2011/x7.jpg"][img]http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j318/Tredcrow/2011/x7.jpg[/img][/url] [url="http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j318/Tredcrow/2011/x9.jpg"][img]http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j318/Tredcrow/2011/x9.jpg[/img][/url] [url="http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j318/Tredcrow/2011/x1-1.jpg"][img]http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j318/Tredcrow/2011/x1-1.jpg[/img][/url] [url="http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j318/Tredcrow/2011/x5.jpg"][img]http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j318/Tredcrow/2011/x5.jpg[/img][/url] [url="http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j318/Tredcrow/2011/x6.jpg"][img]http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j318/Tredcrow/2011/x6.jpg[/img][/url] [url="http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j318/Tredcrow/2011/x4.jpg"][img]http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j318/Tredcrow/2011/x4.jpg[/img][/url] [url="http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j318/Tredcrow/2011/x2.jpg"][img]http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j318/Tredcrow/2011/x2.jpg[/img][/url] [url="http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j318/Tredcrow/2011/x3.jpg"][img]http://i83.photobucket.com/albums/j318/Tredcrow/2011/x3.jpg[/img][/url][/center]
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    How come you talk over and over again how you are trying to make this board better and that you have a heard time posting here because people always bring up stuff against you even if you arent talking about dalton....   Then in a jermaine fucking gresham thread you have to start ripping on dalton.   What is wrong with you?
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    Dear stealers: A. B. Kindly go fuck yourselves, you classless, hypocritical cunts.
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    Just an Arizona fan with no dog in the fight. You guys played a hell of a game against us down in the desert this year. Trying to be objective here. The media's (particularly ESPN's) demonization of Vontaze Burfict and Pacman is ridiculous though. They have done everything short of calling for Burfict to be hung. As a long time NFL fan, the dirtiest, cheapest team in the NFL has always been the Stealers. Shazier HIT WITH THE CROWN of his helmet. They get away with murder every year. AJ McCarron deserved better than that though. Ya'll need to hang on to Hue Jackson.
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    I just realized after seeing Lady back that this place has been going for just over 7 years, i opened up somewhere between the 10th-13th of october in 2004, when JT's site went wild... I have gotten married since this site opened, i have had two kids since this site opened, i have been to nearly 100 bengals games since this site opened, made some great friends that i visit across the country, and a few enemies i banned that claim i abuse my kids.... it takes all kinds... We would have tanked about half a dozen times over the years if it werent for members helping out and chipping in, ive had donations, graphics help, server help, oldschooler and his articles help, i have met fans that helped me on my car, with things in my house, taxes, landscaping, everything, I think i have helped a bunch of people as well, got old a new computer, help a few guys find a job, helped some people with a new cell phone and with phone bill stuff when i was is cell sales, and i just wanted to reach out and bring it up again.... we are over 1,000,000 posts and counting, over 7 years and counting. Thanks for the memories and nightmares... hopefully many more to come... -Ryan
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    Bengals crew, good afternoon. I'm a Sooner fan stopping by to drop some nuggets on Joe Mixon. The main reason I wanted to post was to add a little bit more context to the Mixon situation, correct one or two misconceptions, and opine on a few other factors relating to Joe. First and foremost, Joe paid a steep price for his misdeed. It wasn't merely a "redshirt year"; Joe was kicked off the team for the duration of the suspension. That means no facilities, no trainers, no meetings/coaching, no travel. He worked community service, he went to counseling, and...incredibly...he chose to stay at the University instead of transferring away from his problems. My guess is that his decision tells you a lot about how he approaches problems. He chose the hard road that meant putting in extra work and serving out his punishment instead of transferring. And we haven't even talked about the obvious contract implications (dropping from a first rounder to a second rounder). And we haven't talked about the dearth of endorsement deals. He needed to pay for this. He did. Second, one of the media misconceptions on Mixon is that this was a case of "domestic violence". You guys all know this intuitively, but a few media members struggle with this concept...when it's not a home-related incident, it's not domestic violence. This isn't Ray Rice, or any other player, making a choice to attack their spouse. This was a one-time, snap-decision response to a person slapping him. Joe made the wrong choice, a truly horrific one, and he'll be apologizing for it for the rest of his life. Third, Media members are scrambling to fit this 2014 incident into their narrative. Several of you have made this point, but it bears repeating: media will not let this case go...because it's the easiest way to generate clicks/interest/ad revenue. It's so frighteningly consumable...a video!...man hits woman!...star football player!...it's the gift that keeps on giving to the media, and you will see them re-hash this story in increasingly bizarre and creative ways in the years to come. Enjoy. Here's something that needs to be corrected: as recently as this weekend, ESPN "talent" (specifically Kavitha Davidson) reported that there were *new* allegations that Joe had hit a girl in high school. That's false. That claim is years old, and it was retracted by the individual who made the claim. Here's a portion of the retraction: "My daughter went to Freedom High School with Joe, and they have been friends for much of their lives. Once, when they were in school together, my daughter had a minor disagreement with some of her classmates that got blown out of proportion. Like any father would, I reacted emotionally. Unfortunately, I did so before I had all the facts. Now, having talked to my daughter and investigated the whole story, I realize that I was mistaken about Joe’s involvement. I definitely overreacted, and I regret that my words might have given some people the wrong impression about Joe. I know that Joe did not hurt my daughter, did not intend to, and would not do so. Joe and my daughter are still good friends. Joe is a great kid with a bright future in front of him, and he is welcome in my home anytime." So we have an ESPN reporter...putting out information that has been retracted...and damaging his character without merit. That's the level of reporting we're seeing around the Mixon incident at the national level. To wrap things up a bit...I've always felt a need to defend Joe. Not from the incident itself, as he deserved punishment, but from the character assassination that came with it. Everyone does bad things. Joe did an especially terrible thing. But let's be clear: if you want to be honest with yourself and say that the *worst moment* of your life has been caught on tape, made public, and virally consumed...I'd bet you'd tell me that you are more than just that one moment. And that you've learned from it. We should give Joe the same grace that we'd ask for ourselves. A few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Joe's high school coach, his school administrators, his father, and Joe himself. The high school posse raved about his character. Joe is a quiet guy. He talks a lot on the field, he's got a big social media presence, but in reality, he's a soft-spoken individual. The OU coaches will tell you that they would have made Joe a captain but knew that the media would give them loads of hell. But that's the kind of presence that he had in the locker room - peacemaker, workout leader, not a hot head. You got a great player. Be content with that. Sorry about the media ****storm. Best to you guys in 2017.
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    My first exposure to football was at the age of four. The Super Bowl game between the Bengals and 49'ers. My father was rooting for the Bengals that game and I have been a die hard fan ever since. I owe this site an apology because I have been posting outlandish shit about how we should trade Dalton, cut Hill, fire Lewis, not re-sign Pacman. The Stealers game really fucked me up. I thought this team had reached its all time low during the second Stealers game on the play that Dalton got hurt. However I was wrong as we made it to even a new low. This upset me very much and I have been on here acting like a fool. Last night after work was the first I've been able to re-watch the game. I feel so much better about our team now. That hit by Burfict was not an intentional head shot. It was a bang bang play. Should've been ruled unfortunate as the hit on Gio was. We were cheated out of the game. Now I feel we should definitely keep Dalton. Two good QB's are better than one. We need Pacman back, and hopefully Hill spends the offseason improving his ball carrying skills. This team should dominate next year and if something happens to Dalton again we have a quality guy to be the next man up. Love this site and thanks to everyone for the great posts.
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          What happened to you? I remember when you used to love this team. You used to bash anyone that bashed on them. Now, that seems like all you do is bash on the team and the fans that aren't still Carson Palmer fans.    The only reason I ever became a Carson Palmer fan was because he was drafted by and played for the Bengals. I have been a fan of players and watched them go without being "bitter". Hell I was a Carson fan until the bitter end. But he quit. He took his money, pissed on his contract and just fucking quit. You talk about him leaving because  of "White Trash". He left because he is trash. Period.      Anyway. The Bengals had numerous Pro Bowl caliber players on Offense while Carson was here.  They had a Defense that was ranked #4 in 2009. In 2009, Cedric Benson rushed for 169 yards in their Playoff game. Palmer? 18-36 for 110 yards, 1 TD 1 INT and a QB rating of 58.3 So you're wrong.  He wasn't some victim.    The majority of the people that want to "Thank" Carson (by the way Jason, I think you spelled fuck wrong) are Bengals fans that were Carson Palmer fans and felt very betrayed. You seem like a Carson Palmer fan more than a Bengals fan anymore. And that has been going on for years now. That might be something you want to  work on for the new year.    Oh well. HappY New Year! 
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    This place has really been intolerable lately. When I came across this site for the first time, I was so relieved to have a place to talk about Bengals football that wasn't dominated with blowhards who'd rather be right about how bad a player is while we lose, than engage in constructive criticism while we win. Well my journey here has now come full circle. I hope the soapbox GMs enjoy their hate filled January and February complaining about Dalton and Cook and Maualuga, your miserable March bitching about our lack of FA additions, your loathsome April whining about our scouting process and draft choices and make sure you have a lot of fun in May and June while authoring your grand disillusionment with the Bengals 2013 offseason. I hope you enjoy it because its pretty clear to the rest of the us that the talent is here and the framework has been laid for this team to be a force. And when September comes around and we start winning again, I know you won't be able to enjoy it. You're foolish pride and internet bravado will prevent you actually savoring the victories. It will turn you inside out with dissonance as you'd rather be right about Dalton so you can stick it to 1181 or Oldschooler than recognize that he's a work in progress on an offensive work in progress. But hey, for the haters this is your Superbowl, by all means continue to scream your opinions. The rest of us will bide our time, weaving in and out of threads for the random 6-7 post oasis of constructive dialog, counting down the days until you fall silent again.
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    Go....we get it. You're still dickhurt over Carson and Bob being gone (you and Dan make sure to point out Dalton's flaws just about every chance you get), but to compare this year's team to last year's team is pure silliness. There is a completely different dynamic right now and the fans realize that this is a brand new work in progress. We're looking for signs of life and they are starting to emerge. So sue us if we take encouragement out of those signs. It sure beats the hell out of watching the same stale shit year after year. Unlike most, I harbor no ill will towards Carson....he made a decision and stuck with it. I've moved on, as a fan just like he has as a member of this team. Now it's time to root on some new guys....and that I'll do as I have been since 1987.
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    Weird. I just read every post in this thread twice and not a single poster mentioned Adam Jones' race or skin color yet it somehow triggered your memory of how racist everyone is. Not to mention "delusional, sad and embarrassing" to football fans in the Burkhead thread. Get a grip on yourself man. Whatever's bothering you dude, let it go for your own sake not just the others around you. Bitterness isn't a good look for anyone. Sheesh. lol
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    Ok.. I didn't say talent..Jeremy is obviously more talented... And I like him. he is great at the 1 yard TD run...but his fucking 3 yards a carry sucks.. the offense looks better with Rex in there... Wtf are you talking about non football aspects? Whatever dude... You're kind of an asshole when you disagree with someone. Sorry if I am embarrassing to you for liking a player that is productive every fucking time he gets a chance. Sent from my iPhone using Go-Bengals.com
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    I disagree with every single thing you proposed.
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      I really wish you would at least try to use a little tact.  You don't have to barf out whatever is rolling around in your head at every turn.  Mem put into words what a lot of us were thinking, myself included, after a huge win, both physically and psychologically.  For the first time in years, I actually feel like this team, Marvin in particular, might have finally found the right combination/buttons to push to get this team over the hump.  We know that there's a chance the team might shit the bed on Sunday, but can you at least let folks enjoy a great win for a few days?  What you did was the equivalent of telling a recovering anorexic "Gee, you're putting on a lot of weight!".   Try some empathy, and try not being willfully recalcitrant at every turn... 
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    I just noticed we are in our 10th year here at go-bengals.com.    I created the forum October 9th, 2004. Started inviting people in a few days later...   The ONLY player on the roster on that day that still remains today, is Robert Geathers.    I just  wanted to point out the forthcoming milestone, I may get a patch or logo or something in the header for the year to commemorate the Decade of fun we have had here.   I also want to thank everyone, those here from day one, and other who came along the way. I appreciate you all being here and continuing to talk sports and life with the rest of us!   two kids, 2 apartment moves, 5 server/hosting companies, a marriage, a lost mom, a move across the country, and a new house, many of you have been here for the whole ride, I have met some lifelong friends here. and You guys have been the ones to help keep the lights on in this place many times, so thank you for that as well!   Thank you all!   -Ryan
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    Perhaps it is kicker solidarity for you bastards cheap-shotting our punter.
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    I get your point, but for years it was simply the Bengals being bullied by the Stealers. We have now started to fight back and now its dirty and out of control?
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    If the Bengals win, will you promise to shut the fuck up?
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    Oh no. No it's not. I mean, if there had been some kind of mild or passing disagreement, I would agree with you. But we're not talking about that. We're talking about a small army of think-alike posters who regularly tanked any thread by basically saying "what does it matter, because, DALTON SUCKS." And then more of that over and over and over and over. And they did it with Glee and Gusto and certainty that betrayed a kind of hubristic narcissism that might have made some of us doubt their mental health, but in its chorus proved overwhelming. Another way to put it is this. That kind of bashing made this site a sour place to be for many, and lots of sensible, level headed, thoughtful posters stopped coming around because of it. Sure, Dalton took his lumps, but the hate that came out for him was irrational, and irrational discussion are the realm of the childish or the insane. An intrepid few persisted in his defense, and received all manner of flak for it (some have even been banned in the process, while none of the haters have been). So when the time comes around and Dalton proves that he is, indeed, becoming the kind of QB that we all SHOULD have hoped for, those of us who withstood that barrage, and remained and try to have logical football-based discussions (and frankly, who understood the historical evidence that QBs take time to mature and turn into Brady's and Rogers) shouldn't just come back and say "I told ya so." We are rightful to SHOUT FROM THE ROOFTOPS and, frankly, rub some noses in shit. And we get to rejoice with glee doubly above the haters, for we get to actually ENJOY the fact that our QB is becoming what we thought he could be, and we get to ENJOY this unprecedented success that he is bringing the team we love that comes with that. Any other reaction than that should be pointing someone to pick up the phone and look into seeking professional help.
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    ...for another year of sporting entertainment. I mean it; this was a good year up until today. We all suffer setbacks and defeats in life--your professional challenges just happen to be more visible than most of us. But you know that...   Take a vacation. Learn whatever there is to be learned about how this year played out. Let the passage of a little time dull the pain and regret you may be feeling right now. Then get back at it.   I'll be rooting for you next year. And every year. Do or die.
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    As promised, video from training camp, 29 JUL.    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qdu-0i3yfN0
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    "Obviously Carson sent that package to Jerome. That's why it was intercepted."
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    [quote name='GoBengals' timestamp='1314334719' post='1021660'] my hatred is for those who put down a guy who gave his all and brought this franchise out of the dark ages.... who chose his health and safety over being abused year after year, never said a negative word about anyone and just played his ass off every year.... [/quote] Up until, he, you know, quit. Look, it's your site, and you have a long and proud history of bullying the shit out of people who disagree with you, so I guess this will be your new thing to replace the Bratkowski stuff. But it chokes the fuck out of your board, it really does. I am old enough to remember Ken Anderson being treated like shit from 1978 to 1980. Culminating in the home crowd cheering as he lay injured on the field in Game 1 of the 1981 season. And then Turk Schonert coming in and leading an improbable comeback. And then the entire city begging for a change and expecting it. It was BRUTAL to Anderson, and absolutely unfair. Far more brutal than anything Palmer was hearing from the crowd last year. And Forrest Gregg sticking with Anderson, who, well, DIDN'T quit. And that season went on to be what it was. People who are focused on Palmer quitting? Hard to see where they are off the mark. Palmer did not have to take the extension he was offered back in the day. But when he took it, he was signing up to be not just this team's quarterback, but also, given the position he plays, its leader. And leaders don't do what he did this off-season. You can excuse make and dogcuss people all you want (and, given your history, you will) but it is pretty sad that you won't take a step back to see where people's views on Palmer's actions might have some validity.
  33. 15 points
    Damn, looks like we got a hater in the house that is following me around giving me negative rep for posting articles and links. It's not just happening in this thread either. Whoever you are . . .[img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons/default/flip.gif[/img]
  34. 14 points
    And by the way Paulie ... she was illegally drunk (underage), hurling racial slurs, blew smoke in his face, pushed him first, slapped him first, and had warrants out for her arrest. Above is one of her multiple mug shots. So maybe we shouldn't really focus on her, and just be happy that Mixon has owned up to what he did wrong -- which yes was wrong.
  35. 14 points
    I predict several steps....back in Andy's direction.
  36. 14 points
    What does that have to do with spitting on a jail nurse? speaking of racist, does your assessment of Rex Burkhead as " slow and average" have anything to do with his skin color? if you want to get stupid with this stuff, the possibilities are endless.
  37. 14 points
    I really had to give another round of thanks, first to everyone who tossed a few bucks my way for the server bill, it covered just over 2 months of the cost, and then Amish came through after the fact and offered to cover an entire month on his own, so thank you all who contributed and thank you Amish once again! All in all it covered July, August, September, and part of November. Thank you all. This place has changed my life, my friends life(thank you all for that as well, he is back working, on his feet, just moved into another home, and aside from still having issues with the broken wrist and concussion he is doing well health wise. While i cram for my A+ exams and hunt for jobs, i have spent more time with my sons in the past 3 weeks than i did the previous 3 months, and in just a week or so knocked out some much needed upgrading and house cleaning around the site here. Thanks again for everything. We are approaching 12 years strong here at Go-Bengals.com. i hope this place is still running when we get that championship... i want to see this place go nuts! Thank you! Ryan
  38. 14 points
    If you are a new member and are a fan of an opposing team, you are allowed to post in the Shit Talk Forum ONLY. Here's the link to that forum: http://forum.go-bengals.com/index.php?/forum/18-talkin-sht-rivalry-forum/ This goes double if you are a Steelers fan. If you are a Steeler fan and post shit talk in the general forum, you will be banned, and I will personally delete your fucking account. Understood?
  39. 14 points
    Sorry, but all of that is bullshit. If the fans in Cincinnati want to boo him on the football field, that is one thing, but to boo him at a Charity Softball game that he took time out of his schedule to come back from his HOME IN TEXAS to play in, is friggin' trifling, and anyone that thinks that is OK, is trifling as well. I don't care how many playoff games he loses.
  40. 14 points
    Had an interesting talk with a member of the Bengals today.  He said that he felt the changes at both Coordinator positions would turn out well for the team.  The team felt that Jay sometimes gave a little preferential treatment to both Andy and AJ.  He thinks Hue will push both of them more than Jay did, and that the passing game will improve because of that.  He felt that there was a little too much read in Jays offense sometimes, and that it presented communications breakdowns, because both the receivers and the QB were trying to read too much.  He also said that the Bengals would like to get both AC and MJ back, and it seems both would really like to stay as well.  He also said that Guenther is going to be great as a DC, that they felt like they were tied at the hip, and Guenther could complete Zimmer's sentences they were so close.  Guenther's not quite as in your face, but he doesn't take any shit, and they know it.  He's a Technique, Technique, Technique guy, and he does like to blitz, so don't be surprised if we see him dial it up a little more, especially with Taze and VRey/Lamur.  Injury wise, Lamur, Leon, and Geno seem to be ahead of schedule, and he told me Dre will be Ok at Corner, the light bulb seemed to go on for him as he got a little more time, and he lives in Leon and Newman's back pocket. 
  41. 14 points
      This is why I haven't followed a game day thread in a looooong time.  My enjoyment has gone up a lot.   Face it folks, Dalton carried us this game.  Wrap your mind around that how you will.
  42. 14 points
      Sounds like you're digging for reasons to shit on Dalton.
  43. 14 points
    No my wife made me change my name....... 100% Wife driven lol
  44. 14 points
    DALTON IS A FUCKING STUD. Click that green arrow if you agree. I want his jersey for Christmas - a black one and a white one.
  45. 14 points
    [quote name='BengalBacker' timestamp='1319175765' post='1049390'] Can you guys stop being dicks with the scorned lover comments? Please? [/quote] That's how some people degrade other's thoughts. Just like when they call people homers, say they wear glasses, are blindly loyal, call them apologists, ect. I supported Carson against the masses last season. The funny thing is, most wanted him gone until he quit. Then they acted like he was some hero. I was the opposite. I supported him until he quit. That was indefensible in my eyes. Then you have Sois, who will flat out tell you he roots for players, not laundry. He has a loyalty to Carson. I only rooted for Carson because he was drafted by the Bengals. Had he been drafted by another team, I couldn't have cared less about him. Now that he quit on my team and was traded to another, I couldn't care less about him. He had no loyalty to my team, so why should I have any loyalty to him now? MB made him the highest paid player in the NFL after being the starter for only 2 years. And 3 years after being drafted. After he made Carson the highest paid player in the NFL, he extended his Pro Bowl caliber Tackles to long term deals, he extended his Pro Bowl Caliber WRs. He extended the Franchise RB that held the record for yardage in a season. He also drafted a stud in Whit, signed Coles, TO and Bryant at Palmer's request and kept players like Kenny Watson and Reggie Kelly around at Palmer's request. Drafted Simpson, Caldwell, Shipley and Gresham. Brought in Leonard and Benson. Carson himself touted the 2010 Bengals as a legit Super Bowl contender. He said there was no excuse. Then he goes out and throws a career high INTs, quits and points the finger at everyone but himself. He quit. Getting rid of Brat, Chad, TO and the medical staff didn't matter. Hiring a new OC and drafting AJ didn't matter. He quit. Pussy whipped. Indefensible quitter. I hope he fails. His failure equals Bengals success as far as higher draft picks. So my only interest in watching him is to watch him fail.
  46. 14 points
    [url="http://twitter.com/#!/JohnThornton"]JohnThornton[/url]JohnThornton Shaelyn Palmer is from Bay Area. [size=6][b]Lets not forget the woman behind all of this[/b][/size]. Hope Hue hands the mic to her first at the presser. [url="http://twitter.com/#!/JohnThornton/status/126310800171347968"]now[/url] And with that I add a hearty FUCK YOU to all the people that said I was full of shit.
  47. 14 points
    [quote name='Bengals1181' timestamp='1318874370' post='1046748'] "Someone has done a very good job driving them away from here,” Lewis said. “And he’s been very wrong." [/quote] Is he talking about Go?
  48. 14 points
    Go, the fuck you are not starting a pissing match, you peed in people faces and claimed you were not doing that. (Radio edit) To compare a rookie making his second ever start with Palmer of 2010 in terms of expectations is goddamn insane. Were expecations different for Palmer in his 8th year in Brat's systems than a rookie in his 6th week (counting training camp) of a new system? Why, yes. Is that so hard to goddamn understand? What a fuckin' prick you continue to be.I keep thinking at some point you will snap out of it, but perhaps not. This team and expectations are adjusted because of what fuckin' Palmer did and did not do (did...quit and did not... be a leader and stay with a team that had comitted to him). I guess since it is your goddamn board you can go around being an obtuse asshole about that reality, but it is reality. It must be extra uncomfortable given that Dalton is already making an impact that Palmer hasn't made in a long time. This season in terms of expectations, is much like 1985 (first year of Boomer) and 2004 (first season starting for Carson). There is some slack given from fans who are not being angry insufferable cocks to see if the new signal caller can hack it. That people are "content" with the loss simply means that they were pleased as hell with the initial progress from the new guy, who is borderline thriving in a difficult situation. It also reflects that most people, based on pre-season predictions thread, are between 4-6 wins for this team as it transitions to new players and a new offensive approach, and that success this year is measured in some things other than wins. Much like, again, 1985 and 2004. Not that you will be man enough to admit that. Not when you are too busy pissing in people's faces and calling it rain. PS to all: If this is my swan song here, its been real. See you in other spots.
  49. 14 points
    [quote name='Bengals1181' timestamp='1312076261' post='1007852'] why don't you try and jix a few other players why you're at it? [/quote] Gee, I sure hope nothing happens to Hines Ward. That's Hines H-I-N-E-S Ward W-A-R-D. Hines Ward. Hope nothing season ending happens to him. Soon. Real soon. Hines Ward. Everyone likes a healthy Hiney. So I hope he stays healthy. And does not blow out a knee in training camp. Or some other season ending injury. Soon.
  50. 13 points
    Very true, he was the Bob Bratkowski of C's.

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