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  1. Woman arrested in brutal beating of grandfather who was told to 'go back to your country,' police say By Katherine Lam | Fox News A woman was arrested Tuesday in connection with the brutal assault of a 92-year-old grandfather who was beaten in the face with a brick and allegedly told to “go back to your country” in southern California on July 4, police said Wednesday. Laquisha Jones, 30, was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Jones is accused of attacking Rodolfo Rodriguez, leaving him with two broken ribs, a broken cheekbone and bruising throughout his body. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said the weapon -- a brick -- has not been located and officials are determining if there are other suspects involved. Rodriguez was visiting Los Angeles, Calif. from Mexico when he accidentally bumped into a woman’s child while walking down the street, Rodriguez’s grandson, Erik Mendoza, told FOX11. “And when he turned his back they just tossed him on the floor and she started hitting him, and then she grabbed a brick and started hitting him with the brick, and then out of nowhere he saw three to four other guys just come rushing and just start stomping on him,” Mendoza recalled his grandfather telling him. A witness began recording the incident involving Rodriguez and a woman and four men. She intervened in an attempt to stop the attack. A woman told KCBS a witness said the attackers also began yelling racial slurs. “[They said], ‘Go back to your country, why are you here?’ Bad things,” she said, quoting the witness. Rodriguez was taken to the hospital, but has since returned home as he recovers with his family by his side. Police said Wednesday the motive behind the attack has not yet been determined. Jones is being held on $200,000 bail. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/07/11/woman-arrested-in-brutal-beating-grandfather-who-was-told-to-go-back-to-your-country-police-say.html
  2. I'm just trying to add some much-needed balance to a horribly one-sided view in this forum. I'm not some crazy ALT-RIGHT KKK NEO-NAZI idiot, but I get portrayed that way just because I supported Trump over Hillary. Hell, I don't even own a gun. Of course, Trump has his flaws but the hatred for this president is unprecedented. Between the media, the FBI, and left, it seems like everyone is out to get him. Every time I see him walk out, I half-expect him to get shot.
  3. Slate--what a fucking joke. I used a government source--you used a left-wing source. The saddest part of all of this is that I'm starting to believe that you and the others actual BELIEVE this crap! No wonder the country is going to hell. LEFT BIAS These media sources are moderately to strongly biased toward liberal causes through story selection and/or political affiliation. They may utilize strong loaded words (wording that attempts to influence an audience by using appeal to emotion or stereotypes), publish misleading reports and omit reporting of information that may damage liberal causes. Some sources in this category may be untrustworthy. https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/slate/
  4. Awwwww what's the matter? The facts proved my point so you had to resort to name-calling. Typical leftest response. Go fuck yourself.
  5. Numbers don't lie, asshole: https://www.bop.gov/about/statistics/statistics_inmate_race.jsp
  6. Actually there are a LOT more cases of Blacks attacking Whites than vice versa. If you don't believe me, believe government statistics--Blacks comprise 13% of the population but nearly 40% of the prison population. The difference is the leftest news media won't put that in headline or news article for fear of being called RACIST. Here is proof from a couple of days ago--check out all the headlines from Google. It's obvious a Black man punches a White woman before another White woman pulls out a gun and forces him to back off. https://www.google.com/search?q=+woman+pulls+gun+at+restaurant&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b-1 Not ONE of the many articles mention that the assailant is Black. If the reverse was true, the airwaves would erupt over a White man punching a Black woman. This shit happens every day and media doesn't not reveal the race if the assailant is Black. They should be consistent--either NEVER reveal the race (since we are all the HUMAN race), or ALWAYS reveal the race of all participants.
  7. Thug allegedly slugged woman ‘simply because she was white’ By Joshua Rhett Miller Jermaine Hines Jr. Cleveland Police Department A suspected gang member, in an unprovoked attack, punched a woman simply “because she was white” and accused her of being a white supremacist, Cleveland police said. Jermaine Hines Jr., 24, was arrested early Thursday on a charge of ethnic intimidation, a fifth-degree felony, in connection with the August alleged assault of a 51-year-old woman that police are calling a hate crime, Cleveland.com reports. Hines, whose initial court appearance was scheduled for Friday, attacked the woman “simply because she was white,” according to court records obtained by the website. The woman told investigators she didn’t know Hines, who is affiliated with an unnamed street gang, a police detective said in the documents. The victim has since been living in “constant fear” following the Aug. 21 attack in the city’s Brooklyn Centre section, since Hines has been spotted walking around her neighborhood. She fears Hines will “attack her or some other person simply because of the color of their skin,” according to court records. After knocking her to the ground, Hines yelled at the woman and accused her of being a white supremacist and a member of the Ku Klux Klan. She responded that she had no affiliation with any white supremacist organization, according to police reports. The woman walked home and told her 21-year-old son what happened while she called police. She returned to the scene with her son, who found Hines and snapped a cellphone photo of him, prompting the suspect to knock the phone from her son’s hand, cracking its screen, police said. Hines — who has prior convictions for receiving stolen property and drug dealing — then accused the son of being in a hate group. Several witnesses heard Hines’ accusations and threatened the woman and her son, police reports indicate. The woman and her son then called police a second time. https://nypost.com/2017/12/22/thug-allegedly-slugged-woman-simply-because-she-was-white/
  8. You should know better than to believe anything posted by Kenneth--go back and read it again. I never called you a lefty--I called out left wing hypocracy.
  9. I'm not threatened at all...I will totally admit there are a LOT of moronic white racists out there. I live in friggin Arkansas--so I see them all the time and they are IDIOTS. But I see the same prejudices from minority groups. I'm just trying to show both sides. In the words of the late Rodney King--"can't we all just try to get along?" FAIR AND BALANCED
  10. Black Victimhood’s White Victims What racism in America really looks like. June 4, 2018 Daniel Greenfield Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical left and Islamic terrorism. "I have a horrible story to bring you about a woman named Sherita Dixon-Cole," Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King began. Dixon-Cole claimed that she had been sexually assaulted during a traffic stop by a Texas police officer. The story, like so many black victimhood myths about police officers, turned out to be a lie. Body camera footage conclusively disproved it. But by then the damage was done. The Root had posted a photo of the officer as part of a post alleging a racist culture of police rape. “Black women have always… found themselves at the intersection of state and sexual violence, because this country teaches men… that black women are disposable,” it insisted. Behind the pseudo-academic jargon of social justice were the same racial prejudices and tribal fears of victimized women that led to Emmet Till’s death. Only this time the races were reversed. And the vigilantes organized a cyber-lynching party by sending hate and abuse to a completely different Texas cop who shared the same last name. And to his mother. In Timmonsville, South Carolina, Rev. Jerrod Moultrie, who also heads the local NAACP, claimed that a police officer had "racially profiled" him and harassed him "cause I was driving a Mercedes Benz". Once again, body cam video proved that it never happened. But the NAACP announced that it was conducting its own investigation and claimed that there might have been another racist cop. “Racial profiling, in this context, concerns the reasons for stopping a particular vehicle at a particular time, not whether the officer conducting the stop (or any other officer on the scene) is impolite,” it stated. Since it’s impossible to prove that a traffic stop wasn’t racially motivated (the impossibility of proving a negative fuels paranoid fantasies about ubiquitous racism), that’s guilty until proven innocent. Why were Shaun King, the NAACP and assorted black nationalists willing to believe the worst of white police officers? Black victimhood is based on the fragility of black people and the evil of white people. Ta-Nehisi Coates wrote in, Between The World and Me that the police officers and firefighters who died on September 11 “were not human to me. Black, white, or whatever, they were menaces of nature; they were the fire, the comet, the storm, which could — with no justification — shatter my body.” Fragility feeds dehumanization. Coates’ exaggerated sense of his own victimhood had him dehumanize the FDNY firefighters who climbed 78 floors with heavy equipment on their backs to rescue people, regardless of race or color, as inhuman menaces. Not people, but violent forces. The poetry of Coates’ victimhood is marinated in the self-pity of the racist for the prejudices that made him a bigot. And if police officers aren’t really people, it’s easy to believe the worst of them. Sherita was so readily believed, despite the lack of evidence, because her claims clicked with the prejudices of black nationalists. The NAACP went on defending Moultrie because it was easier to believe in a white racist conspiracy than to believe their own lying eyes. That’s what prejudice does to you. Prejudice is at the heart of both the Texas and South Carolina cases. And it’s there churning underneath the recent blizzard of anecdotal claims of white racism. Like all prejudice, it has real victims. The victims are accused of thinking the worst of black people, when it’s actually black nationalists who think the worst of white people. And they justify their prejudices with accusations of racism. The accusations dehumanize white people as innately evil and burdened from birth with white privilege. These accusations are not just false. They’re racist and dehumanizing. Some of these accusations, like those in Texas and South Carolina, like the racist hoaxes at the Air Force Academy, USC, St. Olaf College, Kansas State University, Eastern Michigan University, Capital College, and the University of Maryland, to name just a few in the last two years, are invented. These hoaxes succeed initially because they pander to prejudice. It’s almost a misnomer to call them hate crime hoaxes. They are hate crimes. But the real targets of these hate crimes were white people. These “hoaxes” advanced stereotypes about white evil. They brought their prejudices about white people to life by inventing and faking them. And, if the real culprits hadn’t been exposed, a white male, the likely profile of the perpetrator, could have easily been wrongly accused, convicted of the crime or expelled from a university. Even 24 years later, we still hear a lot about Susan Smith. But there were multiple black Susan Smiths on campuses across the country just last year. The media’s latest racial paranoia trend has been blowing up stories of white people wrongly calling the police on black people. But the reverse keeps happening on campuses. Black nationalists use racial paranoia to manufacture solidarity, sanctifying the martyrdom of the “black body” at the hands of the “white devils”. But while the black body may be a useful metaphor, the white devil are real people subjected to the racist dehumanization that is a necessary part of racial paranoia. And racial paranoia is how you get racism. Hating and fearing another race leads to prejudice, discrimination and violence. Fantasies of black victimhood have led to real white victims. Earlier this year, Kori Ali Muhammad targeted, shot and killed 4 white people in Fresno, California. The Nation of Islam follower shouted "Allahu Akbar" and “Free black people” when he was taken into custody after his killing spree. The black nationalist blamed his crimes on a resentment of white racism. Prejudice doesn’t necessarily lead to racist murders like those committed by Muhammad and Micah X. Johnson in Dallas, but racist murders are carried out by racists who dehumanize other people. And when even saying, “white people” is fashionably derogatory, dehumanization is everywhere. The left insists that racism is about power. It’s not. You don’t need to have power to hate. Everyone has that power. Nor do you need power to carry out a racist attack. Most healthy, able adults have that power no matter what their skin color might be. Racism is about the opposite of power. It’s insecurity masquerading as superiority. The left focuses on institutional racism. Or racism as policy. That’s convenient because it can then talk about power instead of hate. And anyone who is white and has power is by definition guilty. Much like the police officer who stopped an NAACP president in his Mercedes and was smeared for it. The officer probably doesn’t have his own luxury vehicle, nor does he head an organization, but he is white. So were the Founding Fathers. Close enough. But anti-black racism as policy is as exotic as Bigfoot. If it weren’t, we would be taken on tours of segregated water fountains instead of microaggressions and implicit bias training. Disparate impact looks for statistical anomalies and, out of prejudice, attributes them to white racism. Fanatical racism, that of the Klan, the Nazis or the Nation of Islam, is fed by insecurity. Its glorification of its own superiority always gives way to the lurking menace of the Untermensch or the white devil. The master race claims are unconvincing. They’re put forward by history’s losers angry at the past. Insecurity is central to the racial paranoia of Black Lives Matter and countless other black nationalists and their organizations. Black nationalists, like Nazis, the Muslim Brotherhood and every other hate group, are convinced that they can only regain their destiny by destroying those who stole it from them. The only way to become truly superior is to kill those whom they secretly believe are superior. Black victimhood both condemns and sacralizes its own state. Pride is defined by its antithesis. Without the white devil, there is no black nationalism. Black nationalism demands the white devil and summons him forth with hate crime hoaxes, with smears, with word games that distort what racism is and isn’t. Victimhood doesn’t ennoble you. It degrades you even as it teaches you to degrade others. No amount of hate can ever make you proud of your shame. And pretending that hate is love won’t unite you. I have a horrible story to tell you. It’s about where racism really comes from in America. And it’s about who the victims of victimhood are. https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/270342/black-victimhoods-white-victims-daniel-greenfield
  11. Antifa, Patriot Prayer clash at dueling rallies Jun. 04, 2018 - 0:27 - Bloody violence breaks out as Antifa activists stormed a Portland, Oregon rally by right-wing group Patriot Prayer. http://video.foxnews.com/v/5793295567001/?#sp=show-clips
  12. I'll be leaving now, but I sure enjoyed the political discussion in this forum. It was so nice we can all agree to disagree without resorting to personal attacks.
  13. Wow--this sounds just like something right out of the Berkley College playbook. First insult/demonize anyone that disagrees with you: For you to blame it on Obama just shows what an infantile mind you have, and what a true fucking racist that you are. If that doesn't work, shout them down: So FUCK YOU and your racist trouble making bullshit Arkansas And if THAT doesn't work, threaten to ban anyone that has a differing OPINION from you: keep it up and you're outta here again You don't know me, so don't judge me. I actually voted FOR Obama in 2008--I thought he was the best candidate and hoped he could bring the country together. Boy, was I wrong about that... But I guess anyone who criticizes Obama is a racist... Of course, people are free to say ANYTHING about Trump with absolutely NO CONSEQUENCES. Typical leftist hypocracy.
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