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Roe v Wade

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3 hours ago, westside bengal said:

Not officially yet.  I am surprised the supposed majority opinion was not written by Thomas as the most senior justice.




I think Thomas is trying to keep a low profile after, y'know, kind of



But yes, aside from our democracy being under attack by the very people entrusted with it..  May be time to start boycotting regressive states like Texas, Florida, Missouri..



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2 hours ago, Montana Bengal said:

Seeing more and more commentary similar to this.  If this goes through, it is just the first domino.


The court was compromised with justices appointed by a Russian asset.  Overturning RvW is definitely not the sum of their agenda.

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All I keep hearing is that the midterms are going to be a bloodbath for the Democrats. I think Roe vs. Wade may be just the issue to wake up Democratic voters. Here in Ohio, there will be another primary once the state districts are FINALLY agreed upon, but right now, the US representative districts are redrawn but heavily gerrymandered in favor of the Republicans. Today was the first time I missed voting in an election ever, due to COVID, and it sucks because I really wanted to vote.

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