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Game Thread - Rams at Bengals Pre-season game 3 - 8/27/22

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I am the Jake Browning homer here, because he's from Sacramento (Well Folsom, which is east Sac). I have been saying here since he's been on the team that this guy only lost like 1 high school football game to De LaSalle Concord in 3 years. And he was money in Washington. The guy just wins, and he needs to be the backup. I would feel better with Browning as the backup than Allen. 

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9 minutes ago, AmishBengalFan said:

did I just witness Browning move up a notch on the depth chart?


Likely not. Brandon Allen is essentially an extra QB coach who helps Burrow with things he sees from the sideline.


But I would keep Browning on the actual roster as the QB3 (he may get poached from the practice squad). 

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28 minutes ago, MichaelWeston said:

There isn't a WR on this roster that I couldn't see getting 600 yards with Joe Burrow. Pryor-Irwin-Taylor-Lassiter are all very good guys. They have a great group there. 

Didn't you just say in another thread, that we should look for cut WR's because those guys aren't any good?  😂😂😂

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